Thursday, September 1, 2011

Price's day

I love these three pictures of Price at his birthday party. You can just see the happiness on his face.
His own gluten/dairy free cake!
The pinata was his favorite part of the party. I had no idea he knew what to do with it, but he did!
The night of Price's real birthday, we took him to the pool for some swimming and dinner.

I loved that P went to bed that night feeling so loved, special, and happy. It was just an all-around awesome day for him and for us. When we were all praying for Price at bedtime, Nathan said something I will never forget. He thanked the Lord for placing Price in our family. He thanked Him for choosing us to get him, and not someone else. He thanked the Lord that he is ours! (And I couldn't agree more!)


Michelle said...

Happy belated Birthday Price! What a beautiful prayer that his dad prayed over him....thank you for sharing Kristin. What a joy to see the pictures of Price so so happy when celebrating! I believe without a shadow of a doubt that if Price could speak his heart and say a prayer on his birthday, he would be thanking God for giving him the mommy, daddy and family he has. What an inspiration your family is! I see the hand of God working in your family....what a testimony your family has! I'm so glad your liked that song I sent you! :) It's a pleasure 'meeting' you too! Michelle

cindy gatewood said...

It was a special day & Price seemed so happy! He ate cake-yay!!

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