Thursday, June 20, 2013

The big 7!

Dear Ellery,

You turned 7 last Friday.  7!  Why does that number sound so big?  You are my girl, and I love you so very much.  You went from being the last one in your class to lose a tooth to losing 4 right in a row.  You have this wonderful gap in your mouth and lisp to go with it, and I seriously do not want it to ever go away.  I prayed for the gap, and the Lord delivered.

6 was a great year.  Lots of memories made, a great school year, and most importantly the greatest decision you will ever make - to ask Jesus in your heart.  You will be baptized this Sunday by your Pops, who also baptized your daddy.

Your mom and dad couldn't be prouder as we see the Lord moving in your heart and life.  You have a great gift of compassion.  You sang Price to sleep the other night.  I looked in his room and you were singing hymns so softly while he dozed off right beside you.  You also love volunteering in his Sunday School classroom and although it is only suppose to be once a month, you ask to do it every Sunday.  Seeing you love and care for the special needs children of our church just makes me beam.  I would have never done that.

You are still loving gymnastics and scheduled to make a few competitions in the fall.  I have enjoyed watching your confidence grow throughout the year.  You are attending a theatre camp this summer.  I dropped you off as the baby of the class and not knowing a single soul.  When I came to pick you up, I heard these beautiful voices auditioning for parts.  I thought you might just crumble, but instead you came out of the class practically skipping, exclaiming that you loved every minute.  You were even brave enough to get up on stage and audition for the first time.  I love your enthusiasm, and I can't wait to watch you perform in the musical "Pinkalicious" tomorrow.

You love reading, playing school, and sort of like practicing the violin.  Crafts are at the top of your list too.

You are a wonderful big sister, although Street sometimes gets on your nerves.  He does ask a lot of questions and want you to play baseball with him every second of the day, so I get it.  You lead the troops well.  On the rare days when mom and dad sleep a little too late, you have Price occupied with an I-pad and Street out of his crib watching a movie with you.  Your brothers really do adore you.

You celebrated 7 by having a few friends over to spend the night.  Instead of bringing presents, you requested demanded that they each bring some money to donate to As Our Own.  You wanted to help the orphans.  Poppy matched their gifts, and you came up with a whopping $300.

You are still as hard-headed as they come, a perfectionist, and you can be just like your mama at times, but I could not love you any more.  I know I said this last year, but I want to soak up every minute with your now 7-year-old self.  If I had to go around the world and pick one girl to be mine, I'd of course pick you, hands-down, every time baby girl.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What's up?

Hello blogging world!  It's been awhile.  I still think of this blog and have the desire to write, but it has been pushed to the back burner.  I love writing and love sharing our life journey, but I never want it to feel forced.
So what has our little family been up to?  Well, let's see.  There was my trip to India with As Our Own.  It was an absolutely amazing time, so rich in so many ways.  I fell deeply in love with the girls in India and it was a perfect reminder that Jesus is enough.  He is enough for the girls that have been rescued from horrific, unimaginable circumstances.  And He is enough for me as a mom.  Completely, totally enough.

We are wrapping up school this month with the excitement of a new one next year.  Well, for Ellery that is.  I felt the Lord calling us out to something different next year and well, I just am going for it.  I'm trusting Him to provide as He always does.  I am learning more and more to put aside all the voices around me and really just listen to the One that is the most important.  We are doing what we feel is right as a family, and it's definitely going to look different from the next.  I've come to love how different our family looks.  When you have an almost 5 year old crawling down the street, you kind of stand out.

I was recently asked by my sister to come to her group Bible study to share my testimony.  I found about 50 different excuses of why I couldn't come, but she wouldn't back off.  Those pesky little sisters, right?  No, I am kidding.  I love her to the moon and back.  She wouldn't back off and the Lord wouldn't let me say no.  So I took Ellery out of school for the day and we made a 24 hour road trip out of it.  I will tell you that public speaking is not my friend.  I get bright red and nervous and well, it's just not pretty.  I kept telling myself that "I'm not great, but He is," and that's the truth.  It was an amazing time of sharing with some pretty amazing women.  I am thankful that they let me do a little test drive on them.  Writing and then speaking about what the Lord has done in my life was super therapeutic and such a reminder of how good He is to me and our family.  He wants good for us, my friends!

Price is trying out a walker and oh so happy about it.  We long for him to be more independent and this is literally a step in the right direction.  He is still beautifully wrecking our lives and the Lord is using him to sanctify me through and through.  Isn't that amazing how He does that through our children?

Street is loving dirt, tractors, fishing, golf, baseball, and anything that is all-boy, besides his pink slippers that Ellery gave him and pink paci.  He is so spoiled and sometimes I think that he can do no wrong.  Although, I am very certain he can.  It's true what people say about the baby of the family.

Ellery and I took a trip to Disney World a couple weeks ago and had a blast.  It was the perfect girl time that we needed.  Nathan went around telling people that "the drama was in Florida".  Whatever.

I'm off to do carpools and getting ready for the afternoon craziness.  I will leave you with one of the best quotes that I read yesterday by Sally Clarkson.  She said to ask yourself, "What did I do to whisper the secrets of the kingdom of heaven into the hearts of my children?" Good stuff.  So long for now...

Friday, January 25, 2013

10 minutes

I am giving myself 10 minutes to write this blog.  10 minutes because I really do miss this thing called blogging.

We woke up to the new year with Price calling for "mama".  He has been using it regularly and it brings pure joy every time.  He is so proud of himself too. Just today I picked him up from school and he was quick to declare, "Ma-ma!"

I think the theme of the year for me will be Ephesians 3:20-21.  I believe the Lord keeps bringing it to mind.  
"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us..."
We've been praying that verse over Price, over our other two, and over our life in general.

We are stepping out in faith with a few things so far this year.  Scary, but good.  I believe the work will be hard, but the reward great.

Nathan and I don't watch t.v. much (except ESPN for him), but we (yes, he's proud to admit it) have become a little obsessed with Downton Abbey.

Street and I are attached at the hip these days. What a fun, persistent little companion I have.  I think someone tells me everyday how well he talks and runs.  If they only knew...

I am anxious to try out some new communication apps with P.  He is doing so well with his fine motor skills and I think he might be able to finally make an Ipad app work for him.  He used to have no control over his little fingers and so he would be handing me his Ipad every 10 seconds because he clicked out of an app or a video paused or something.

I'm dreaming least for today!  I am a mom on a mission to save his little school.  If anyone knows where we can find a new director...please do tell.  Never underestimate a special needs mom (or a mom in general really).

I've been reading a lot lately (when I am not watching Downton Abbey).  Maybe this is why I'm not blogging.  One of my favorite little jewels out of a book called Anything is this: "To accept that life is going to be hard is the beginning of joy."  Although I don't think most of us really know hard.

10 minutes is up. Pushing publish. Ready, set, go...

OH, and here's our family Christmas picture.  All I can think about is how Price wouldn't smile and I was a little ticked off that we were standing there in the 110 degree weather and no one was performing well, especially the one that I can usually count on for a smile.  We got home and Price had about 15 fire ant bites on his leg.  How's that for a good mom?  I think (or hope) behind every awesome looking Christmas card picture involving young kids that there's an imperfect story.  Or maybe we are the only ones.

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