Monday, February 28, 2011

Made me smile

This came in my email tonight. Can't wait to share more. {}

Saturday, February 26, 2011

And we're off..

North Carolina...raise up. I don't know how that song popped into my head but it's there.

We leave tomorrow with the boys. We have appointments on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday that will take most of the day.

Nathan and I were talking about our expectations for the trip today. I really don't know what to expect. I am thankful for the opportunity to go, thankful for the doctors that are willing to meet with us, and just plain thankful. I keep praying for an encouraging visit, although I know it could very likely not be an encouraging one.

We have been told so many things by doctors with the most recent one telling us there is a possiblility our precious son's life might not be at all what we expected. That we might not get to see him grow up. Thankfully, all the tests we have done so far have not confirmed a degenerative diagnosis. I think because we have "gone there", we are prepared to hear anything. But then again, how can you really prepare to hear anything when it concerns your child's life?

Can you tell my thoughts are all jumbled? Basically, we know the plans He has for us and for Price are good. We know He loves Price more than we do. And we fully hand over our son to Him.

We are thankful for all the prayers. Truly thankful.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

School days

Thanks for the prayers last night. Boy, did I feel them. The enemy so badly wanted to thwart the prayer plan, but the Lord had the victory and my friends poured their hearts out. I seriously have the best friends. The absolute best.

Price had a GREAT day at school today. In fact, his teacher sent home his report and it says, "It was a perfect day of school for Price. He was a very happy boy. He played a little with some toys, mingled with the boys, laughed a lot, and ate well."

I did not get a great picture because he did cry when I dropped him off. But, I did not get emotional at all. In fact, I felt such peace leaving him with his three teachers. His lead teacher said I could call her during the day to check on him, but I never felt the need to. I guess I have confidence he is in good hands.

Here's to more good school days! What a big boy!

{a phone pic on the way home....tired boy!}

Monday, February 21, 2011

Big Week

This week is a big one, especially for Pricey. He starts SCHOOL tomorrow! We weren't really looking to put him somewhere until the fall, but a spot opened up and well, we decided to take it. It's not without some hesitation, but we are going to give it a go. He will be in school Monday thruFriday from 9am until 2:30pm. This is longer than Ellery goes to school. It really will break my heart for him to be gone that long at the young age of 2 1/2, but we are trying so hard to do the very best for him. And right now we are thinking this is it. I also think it will make my time at home with him more fun. There will be no in-home therapy and we can just be together as a family. I really just want to be his mom, and I think him going to school will give me this opportunity.
We also have our trip to Duke this upcoming weekend. I am trying to wrap up some last minute things for the trip and organize Price's medical binder this week. Some sweet friends of mine offered to pray for me, Nathan, and Price tonight around 8pm if anyone wants to join us in prayer.
I will be sure to post pictures of Price's 1st day of school tomorrow!

Monday, February 14, 2011


I have a little box at the top of my closet filled with letters from Nathan. They go back to when we first met, through our engagement, and now married life. I read some of them today in honor of Valentine's Day and it has been so fun. I think Nathan's love language is letters. He has a way with words and expresses his feelings much better through the written language than the spoken language. Some of our early letters are so goofy and I laughed a ton. Here's a prime example.

this was at a trip to Sea World when we were dating

When I was turning 24, Nathan filled my room in my apartment with 24 balloons. Each balloon contained a note in it, one of the 24 things he loved about me. I won't share all 24 notes because I might start turning red but a few of my favorite funny ones are:

-It's a miracle - THAT hearts fits inside YOUR body.

- You have just enough fun to be on the edge but not over it. (this one really made me laugh)

- Smiles are a consequence of being around you.

- You provide full-time flutters.

I don't really like declaring my love for someone over the internet but I really do love my Valentine. When I married him 7 years ago, I could have never imagined loving him more, but I much more. We have walked through some difficult and painful times and it has bonded us together in such a powerful way.

Okay, enough mushiness...everyone enjoy YOUR Valentine!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Street is 4 months

At 4 months, Street...

-sits well in the bumbo

-plays with his feet constantly

-grasps toys and puts them in his mouth

-pretty much puts everything in his mouth

-spits up a ton...averages about 6 outfits a day

-eats whenever he feels like it which is about every 3 hours or so

-doesn't take his eyes off me when we are in a room together

-does less raging and more smiling

-is sleeping better, in fact he has gone from 9-7 the past few nights (but don't let that fool includes waking up and putting his pacifier back in several times throughout the night)

-is wearing an 18 month onesie in this picture

-acts way too big for his age...and seems very eager to grow up too fast

-is bringing JOY to our family and we are so THANKFUL

Monday, February 7, 2011

The day they found their feet

It happened on Friday. Both boys found their feet. Let me explain. Price knows where his feet are but he has never been able to reach them. Between his hypotonia and low body awareness, he never played with them like a "normal" infant does. Well, Friday while I was changing his diaper, he pulled both feet up to his hands and just grinned real big. That same day I was changing Street's diaper and he did the SAME thing. Street now plays with his feet all the time, and he's almost able to get them in his mouth.

Saturday we went to the mall because we were so desperate to get out of the house after the "no snow day" on Friday. I put Price in his car seat, went to grab my purse inside the house, and came back to the car and noticed Price had taken off not only his shoes but his socks too. He just grinned. I had to put his shoes and socks on three more times that morning. When we were putting him into the car after our mall trip, I noticed he was missing a shoe. One shoe. Most moms would probably be annoyed and frustrated with this but I was just so thrilled that Price had done something so normal.

Today I ran into an old therapy friend at the grocery store. Her son is about a year older than Price and when we first got thrown into the therapy world she was always there to talk, listen, and encourage. We talked for awhile about how her son was doing (he doesn't go to therapy anymore) and she said what they were most likely dealing with was severe ADD. And she said, "And I will take it handed to me on a silver platter." They had been through tons of testing with their son like we have with Price and she was basically saying a diagnosis of ADD would be just lovely. I can relate.

A few years ago I read something that still comes to mind very often. It was listing the secrets to a content life. One was to never compare your lot to another. I struggle with this at times when I am craving "normalcy" but I try not to compare. Sure our life looks different, our perspectives have changed in huge ways, but this is what makes our life so rich. I am thankful for the richness.

{And I am thankful that my boys 26 months apart found their feet on the same day.}

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Disneyland 2010

This time last year we were just returning from a trip to Disneyland. Let's see... Price had just learned to drink from a cup, he couldn't yet roll, and had no clue what his legs are for. He still couldn't sit unassisted or if he did it was for a brief second before tumbling over.
Last weekend we went to the zoo. Price rode the carousel. All I did was stand beside him with my hand on his back. He didn't really enjoy the ride (I think he was scared?) but he DID sit all by himself and held on to the pole.
Today, Price had an evaluation at a school we are looking at sending him to at some point in the future. He seriously was showing off...doing every task the teacher asked of him. Did he have trouble getting the peg in the puzzle? Sure, he did. Are his movements the most fluid? Nope. Does he still have a really long way to go? You betcha. But, he completed every task and did it with a smile. Nathan and I were so proud.
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