Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Wow! As I sit and blog on Christmas Eve I don't know even where to begin. I might have to just highlight our Christmas festivities since there have been so many already. Last weekend we went to Wichita to celebrate Christmas with my dad's parents and his sister's family. We enjoyed spending time with everyone and even got to see snow! This was Ellery's 1st time to experience snow and when she looked out the window she said, "Bubbles?" Wouldn't that be wonderful if bubbles fell from the sky?
Bundled up - thanks Aunt Paige for the adorable hat and mittens!

I am wearing my grandpa's hat and ski pants!

We were home for four days and then hopped in the car to drive to Southlake to have Christmas with my parents and Paige and Taylor. We stayed at the Southlake Town Center which is just awesome. I am pretty sure that if the suburbs in Houston were as cool as the ones in Dallas, we would move in a heartbeat. We went to the Gaylord Ice show Friday night which we had been hearing so much about and couldn't wait to see for ourselves. Wow! It was amazing! We had to bundle up in these huge jackets because it was FREEZING but Ellery did not seem to mind. She even ventured down the ice slide. Unfortunately she got a little ways down and just stopped. Her jacket sleeves were about a foot too long so she couldn't use her hands to push herself down. Instead, a man working at the bottom had to pull out this huge pole and maneuver her down the slide. It was hilarious (although not to her). We had Christmas with the family on Saturday and had some fabulous meals as well. What fun! I have some pictures that I will post later....they are funny.

Sunday morning we woke up and headed out to spend time with Nathan's side of the family. It was fun for Ellery to be able to join in the playtime with all of the young kids this year. We then spent the evening with the Stedhams and had Christmas. Ellery was completely spoiled with lots of attention and new toys, but what do you expect from grandparents? I have a feeling we will have to do some post-Christmas spoiling detox.

And we drove home this afternoon just in time to unpack and get to the Christmas Eve program at our church, which Ellery sat through beautifully with the help of a candy cane. And just when Nathan and I were ready to chill a little, there was some loud noise and yelling coming from one of the houses on Drama Ln (the name I have appropriately given our street). And then the police! I guess everything was settled because he left by himself and we never heard anything after that.
In all seriousness though, it makes me sad, especially given that it is Christmas Eve. Our Savior was born into this world to forgive us all our sins and to bring peace and joy to the hearts of His people. May we truly remember the reason for the season. Merry Christmas!!
More pictures to follow...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

18 Months!

We had Ellery's pictures taken a couple of weeks ago and I thought I would share some of my favorites. Today she is a year and a half....big girl!

One of Ellery's favorite things lately is "singing". She will randomly belt out "E,I,E,I,O" or "up above" (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) or even attempt the "ABC" song. Whenever she hears a familiar song she will always ask for more once it is over. Maybe a little singer or musician? She does have quite a few relatives that are musically gifted, her momma not being one of them however. In fact, my whole family can sing except for me. I mean I can carry a tune but they truly can sing. I remember going on family trips in the car and my mom, sister, and I would always attempt to sing in harmony. I was the weak link. And my dad can sing too - in fact, he was offered a college music scholarship! Then there is the Stedham side of the family - Nathan's mom is incredibly gifted and was in her own singing group at one time and Nathan is a closet singer and musician. :)

Ellery had her Chrismas party at school yesterday and has her Chrismas program on Tuesday. I hear that the toddlers are singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". It will be amusing and precious at the same time. I am sure once they see mom and dad in the audience they will not want to be up on stage anymore. Maybe we will have to hide.

Anyways, happy 1 1/2 birthday Ellery Paige! I think it is safe to say I love you more each day!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas with friends

Our week did slow down, thank goodness, but not after a trip to the eye doctor to remove some glitter from my eyelid that was driving me crazy and a trip to E's doctor for her early 18-month checkup. Tonight we had our 2nd annual Ella, MK, and Ellery Christmas get together. The girls had a great time being together and even exchanged gifts. It is only fitting that Ellery's favorite word right now is "Open".

The baby girls last year (notice the lack of hair!):

And the sweet toddlers this Christmas:

They loved playing with the play-do and banging on the garage. It is a huge step from chewing on teethers and hanging out in the exersaucer. Ellery especially loved giving Ella the baby doll pacifier, which her parents thoroughly appreciated. Ella has never been a pacifier girl and all of a sudden decided she might trade in her thumb for one.

Speaking of pacifiers, the nurse today said it needs to "get lost" no later than 2! I am not sure how that is going to fly around our house sense our girl is the paci and lovey queen. Other than that, she was declared a healthy little girl tipping the scales at 26 pounds, 10 ounces and remaining around the 85th percentile for height. It is hard to believe that we have an 18 month old already but we sure are enjoying it!
Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

True story

Wow have we had an eventful week and it is ONLY Tuesday. Yesterday morning Ellery was getting ready with me in the bathroom and I usually give her some makeup brushes and such to play with, which she loves. Well, she got ahold of some visine and had managed to take the cap off. Since you cannot ask a toddler if they swallowed something, you just have to assume they at least put it in their mouth. So, I called Poison Control and asked if I should be concerned. The operator told me that a child's blood pressure could drop dangerously low, then proceeded to ask me my name and what hospital I was taking my child to. Then she said, "Let's get her there NOW." I really wasn't too panicked but concluded I should take her to the ER or CPS might be arriving at my doorstep. So without getting dressed or eating breakfast, Ellery and I were off to the ER. Everyone was so great to Ellery at the hospital, giving her a stuffed animal, crackers and juice, her own personal t.v., and entertainment (a doctor who did a great Donald the Duck impression which I must say freaked us both out a little). The doctor told us we would need to stay there for at least 3 hours so that they could monitor her. 3 hours in a little hospital room with my busy child!! My mom, who is wonderful, met us there and provided entertainment that only Lulu can provide. Did I mention Ellery had on her pj's and shoes without socks and no clip (this wouldn't be a big deal but without one her hair is all over the place)? I also was not well equipped since we were in such a hurry to get in the car. When Ellery spilled an entire water bottle on herself, we literally walked out of the ER in a diaper!! Classy, huh?

And just when I thought hospital visits were over for awhile, today I went to my family doctor hoping she could prescribe something for the bad headaches I have been having the past month or so. Turns out, she decides to not only do blood work but sends me to the hospital for a CT scan! So this afternoon was spent getting an x-ray of my brain which was very painless EXCEPT for when they injected Iodine in my body and I had an allergic reaction!! My face and neck started breaking out in hives. The tech had to call the nurse and the doctor to determine what was going on. The nurse proceeded to tell me that my throat might close up and I would have a hard time breathing. Okay, now I was kind of panicked. I could just feel it closing up second by second and kept swallowing to make sure it wasn't. The doctor kept me there an hour for observation and the reaction subsided, thank goodness. All in all though, I really think it was a blessing. The doctor they called for me happened to be a radiologist and asked me why I was getting the CT. He went ahead and read my results on the spot (instead of having to wait 3-5 days) and told me that everything looked normal to him, which was a relief.
Here's hoping our week kind of slows down a little!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Scary Santa

Needless to say, pictures with Santa did not go so well this year...

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