Thursday, July 29, 2010

My star

Price has been able to sit on his own for quite some time now. However, this sitting is more of a prop sitting - with his hands out in front of him to support and balance his body. He also would get wobbly and fall right over so I rarely put him in a sitting position unless I was right behind him and could assist him.

However, this past week we have witnessed some amazing changes in his sitting ability. It's like his trunk got stronger over night. He must have sat for at least 10 minutes yesterday all by himself playing with toys in front of him. He eventually moved to his stomach to roll but I don't think it's because he lost balance...more like he lost interest. And when I went to bathe him last night, he sat up great in the tub. Nathan and I must have commented twenty times on how we never thought we'd see this day (really we were just always seemed so far away).

I know sitting sounds like a basic 6 month old skill. Heck, I think Ellery was sitting in a highchair at 4 or 5 months. BUT this is a huge deal for Price and for us....a milestone definitely worth celebrating. For the longest time we would have to carry a chair with us that hooks onto the table when we would go out to eat. It has a higher back on it and allowed Price to focus more on his food rather than his ataxia. We would purposefully pick restaurants with high-back highchairs...I can tell you where the good ones are in town. Well, our world has finally opened up as Price can sit in just about any highchair as long as the strap is not broken. I couldn't be more thrilled. Tonight, we ate dinner out with some friends and I just watched in amazement as my son sat upright in his plain, old wooden restaurant high chair and enjoyed his dinner like any other toddler.

I tell him all the time that he is my star. I even whisper it to him while he is sleeping. "Pricey, you are mommy's star. I love you so much. Keep working hard and fighting...don't give up. You are going to get there sweet boy. God's healing you. I am so proud of you. What a star you are!"

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Party for Piper

Just got home from Dallas...we had a beautiful shower to celebrate Paige and Piper! My bump is twice as big as Paige's...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Right on schedule

It's here...right on schedule. The desire to be in tip-top shape and get my flabby-self to the gym. It has happened with every pregnancy right at the start of my 3rd trimester and this pregnancy has been no different. I might even have a stronger desire to sweat this go round, considering I am bigger at this point than I ever was when pregnant with Ellery and Price.

So you know what I did? I got online and ordered some running shoes I've been eyeing for over a year. If I can't work up a sweat on the treadmill, at least I will have the shoes for it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Passenger update

Thanks for the sweet comments about Price. He is the weakest in his trunk area so crawling has yet to happen and standing is difficult. But, he IS getting stronger and for this we are so thankful. Please keep praying for him!

We had an appointment with our fetal specialist today and passenger #3 is still looking good. Our doctor said that the baby gets as clean of a bill of health that he can possibly give him/her (Nathan thinks he might have saw something between the legs) at this time. Praise the Lord! I ended up going into a little of Price's story and told the doctor that it has definitely made me a little more paranoid this time around. It also doesn't help that the majority of babies and kids I see Monday through Thursday are at therapy for various reasons. I am in awe that most kids just soar right through their milestones and the thought of having another typical child sometimes just doesn't seem possible. He was very understanding and gave me lots of reasons to be assured that this baby is looking good. I really believe these extra ultrasounds are allowing me to enjoy this pregnancy more.

And now I have to clarify that I love my Price. I would not trade him for the world and know that he was so fearfully and wonderfully made. It's just I'd rather not walk this road again. Hope that makes sense.

Anyways, the doctor caught this on ultrasound and it made Nathan's day. Oh, and because I am paranoid I did make sure we saw the rest of the 3 fingers.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

From princesses to Star Wars

It seems Ellery has become obsessed with everything Star Wars since watching it two weeks ago in Austin with Poppy and Nathan. She seriously can't get enough and wants to understand the entire plot and story line. She loves stories and I will find her throughout the day acting out story lines around the house. Nathan was out of town for a week (he just got home tonight....hallelujah) and my mom helped me out with the kids. Ellery loved talking to us about how when daddy got home, they were going to have a Star Wars party. I even overheard her telling a friend of mine how she "just couldn't stop watching it". Needless to say, my mom and I were a little sick of Star Wars talk and I'm glad Nathan is home to stage some sort of Star Wars obsession intervention.

Oh, and look who found his feet. Price has recently started to bear weight on his feet and legs, which is a difficult task due to his hypotonia (low muscle tone). This isn't the greatest picture that I captured on my phone but it sure is sweet to see my boy upright.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ellery's Princess Party {Part 2}

Our first thought was to have a princess carriage ride for the girls to take around the block. However, we decided it would be much easier and more importantly cooler to have Princess Aurora make her appearance at the party. Ellery was thrilled! She put a little princess makeup on the girls, played a game of limbo with them, had a princess crowning ceremony for the birthday girl, and helped sing happy birthday. Oh, and I also heard her telling the girls that it is what is on the inside that counts and makes you a princess. She was a hit!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More doctors

{I will post Part 2 of Ellery's birthday party soon.}

I took Price and Ellery for their 18 months (a little late) and 4 year well check-ups last Friday. I have decided to switch pediatricians and it makes me a little sad. I really liked our old pediatrician but we were starting to not see eye-to-eye on a few things concerning Price. If there is one thing I have learned from this journey with my son, it is that I, the mom, have a voice in my child's care. I am so grateful for our doctors and know they are much-needed, but ultimately I am Price's mom and know him better than anyone. I was constantly bringing up Price's development to our pediatrician and he calmed my fears by telling me boys are slower...he will get, there is nothing wrong with his eyes. Well, while I wish he had been right...he wasn't. My fears and intuition were right-on.

So I have been praying for the right pediatrician. A new set of eyes. And let me tell you this new guy is very thorough. He was almost too thorough for my liking but I guess it's better to be safe than sorry. When I went to get out my little old-school books to record their weight and heights, the nurse explained to me that I would be receiving a printout of everything after the visit. A printout complete with charts. This new guy also does a developmental checklist of about 50 things. I am used to a few general questions, but this was intense. Of course, Ellery passed with flying colors and Price failed miserably. Ellery did "miss" a question. The doctor asked her what a curtain is and she responded, "Something that covers us." I thought her response was odd because I was just sure she knew the word curtain. When we got into the car after the appointment I asked her again if she knew what a curtain was. She said, "Yes, mom, it's what covers us in the shower." {insert eye roll and hand on hip....all part of her new 4 year old attitude}. I laughed out loud. Hey, doc, the better term might be drapery.

It's always discouraging when Price's development is assessed but I have come to just accept that he is way behind. He did score "in-range" on one item. He can pick out a few animal names. If I show him two pictures and ask him which one is the giraffe or elephant or another animal, he almost always chooses correctly. It's just so hard for us to know what he knows because his speech and motor skills are so very behind.

Nathan and I are meeting with yet another doctor tomorrow to get him to take a look at Price. He is a neurosurgeon with Memorial Hermann. More eyes and hopefully some answers for our little man {not so little...big boy is in the 93rd percentile for weight these days}.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ellery's princess party {part 1: the set-up}

the birthday girl!
dress-up time! the girls all had a pink and purple tutu to wear

"castle" carrots and celery
cake made by Gina's Cakes

high-heeled shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

party favors included lots of little trinkets we picked up at Disneyland this year

a fun candy bar full of pink and purple goodies

delicious cookies by Sue B Sweets

paper goods from Blissful Nest on Etsy

My mom and her good friend, Mrs. D, were so sweet to help me (more like I helped them) set up for the party the day before. Seriously, they could go into business they are so good at parties! Price was still recovering from croup, so they were absolute life-savers.

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