Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pizza night

The kids are in bed and Nathan and I are waiting on our homemade pizza to come out of the oven, so I thought I would catch up on blogging. Yes, we had pizza-making night. It was lots of fun until I told Ellery she had to stop eating the shredded cheese (the girl loves cheese) and then there was lots of whining. Lots of whining and then time out in her room - twice. But all in all it was fun. There is a Boz video where he makes a "double-peppy pizza" that she loves to watch so we figured she would enjoy making her own. We bought lots of veggies, cheese, and pepperoni for her to choose from - and guess what? She chose zero veggies. Just a good ole pepperoni and cheese pizza. Nathan and I got creative and are trying a barbecue chicken one. Probably won't be as good as CPK but we will give it a shot!

Both of the kiddos were a little on edge tonight but that's because it has been a non-stop weekend. Thursday night Nathan and I went on a double-date with Paige and Taylor to Lynn's Steakhouse. It was so delicious - we split steak and lobster and of course had lots of yummy bread and sides. Paige was in town all last week and it made me really wish she lived here. She came to see Ellery strut her stuff at gymnastics and we were able to share several meals together. We love our Paigey. And Taylor too, of course. He was just at the office most of the week.

Friday night and Saturday morning Nathan and I attended a Song of Solomon conference at our church. I highly recommend it. We had a neighbor's birthday party today after the conference and then it was home for a much-needed nap time. Tonight Ellery was reading to me (I guess that's her new thing) and it was so funny because she would lick her index finger before turning each page. I asked her why she was doing that and if it helped her turn the page better, and she replied, "Cause mommy does that." I had no idea I did this but I must!

We captured Price's laugh on camera. I am going to try to post it after dinner. About two seconds after I turned the camera off, he projectile-spit up all over Nathan. Nice.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

5 months

Wow...time is flying by. I can't believe the little man is 5 months. He is such a joy! Here he is enjoying his new favorite hand-me down.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I am heartbroken today. My dear friend gave birth to twins - a boy and a girl - this past Sunday. She was only 28 weeks pregnant. We heard this afternoon that the little girl went on to heaven this morning. They are an amazing couple who have been on quite a journey to have these babies. Please pray for them and for the health of their baby boy.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well let's see....I can already tell this is going to be a random post. The weekend is off to a great start because we have no real plans. I love it. Last night we had friends over for dinner and Ellery showed off her mad tricycling skills she just acquired. She can actually turn it and everything now. She is so proud. Between her tricycle and her scooter, the girl spends more time outside than indoors for sure.

Price has started laughing. It's such a manly laugh already, kind of a deep grunting laugh if that makes sense at all. Oh how I love that boy's smile! He sleeps so well at night and we are definitely thankful but his naps aren't the best. Little cat naps throughout the day and they are definitely longer in his car seat than in his crib. Ellery was such a great napper and she still takes awesome 2 to 2 1/2 hour naps every afternoon (hope I didn't just jinx that). The second child just can't have the luxury of taking scheduled naps everyday. Just when he finally falls asleep, I am having to get him in his car seat to go pick up Ellery from school or run an errand. Maybe he will be better for it in the long run?

His hair is starting to grow in! I took a picture of it on my phone and emailed it to Nathan at work yesterday. His reply - if you have to zoom in that much to see his hair, I don't think it counts babe. If you can't see it (it looks pretty white), you can definitely feel it. His bald head is getting fuzzy. Have I ever mentioned how much he loves having his head rubbed? Little genie boy.

Ellery's toddler bed has arrived. I told you this post was going to be random. However, it is still in the box. After much debate, we decided on a low to the ground toddler bed for several reasons. Number one being that our daughter is a crazy sleeper. Crazy. She takes after her mommy though. Nathan always claims he has about a foot of space on his side of the bed to sleep on most of the night.

So Lulu bought Ellery this cute bed from Pottery Barn Kids with little princess sheets and a quilt. It's adorable. We are just not sure we are quite ready to let go of the crib. I mean it's a good set up we still have. She gets in bed when we are ready and gets up when we are ready. Ellery knows though that her big girl bed is in the box and so I am sure it will be making its debut here sometime soon.

And why oh why do we have to grow awesome, thick hair while pregnant only to lose it in mass quantities after we give birth? It's just not fair.

Enough randomness, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


"Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name." Psalm 96:8

And of course, our little Ellery is blessing #2 - she just happened to be napping when I was playing around with our new lens, my Christmas gift from N.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Reward Day

Today was a big day - Ellery filled the last blank spot on her potty chart with a sticker! As her teacher was putting Ellery in our car today in the pick up line, she mentioned that Ellery went on the potty at school. I made a huge deal out of it and told her when she got up from her nap we would put a sticker on the chart and that her prize might be here. I admit for her first potty chart, I set the goal a little too high. It had 48 spots for stickers which means of course, 48 successful potty trips. Ellery stuck with it though and I assured her there would be a HUGE reward.

At Dillon's birthday party a couple of weekends ago, Ellery spotted a scooter and loved it. Our neighbors who are about 8 and 10 have razors and Ellery loves to watch them ride. Well, to our amazement Ellery got on the mini-scooter at the party and took off. She knew just what to do from her many times of observing. So I found the little scooter and ordered it in pink, knowing it would be a perfect reward for so many perfect potties.
However, this will be the biggest reward she ever gets on this potty-training adventure. I realize it is a bit much BUT it did take her about 2 months to accomplish the goal!

I am so proud of her and she seems so proud of herself. She used the potty after her bath tonight and immediately reminded me that we need a new chart to start putting stickers on.

Oh, and this is funny - when she woke up from her nap today, she pointed to the "E" on my shirt that said "NIKE" and said, "That's an E for Ellery." Since when did she start reading?

putting the last sticker on!

the proud owner of a new pink scooter!
look at her go!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Great weekend

Friday night Nathan and I were able to escape for a little night away. We went to dinner at Reef and then stayed the night at Hotel Icon. Both restaurant and hotel were amazing - definitely places we would love to re-visit sometime. We were able to sleep in until 9am which was a true luxury! Bebe and Pops came down to stay with the kids and we were so grateful.

Sunday night was Parent Commitment at our church with Mr. Price. It was a great service and basically a time to declare our intent to raise our children according to Godly principles. Bebe, Pops, Meredith, Lulu, and Poppy were all there to support us. Ellery slept through her Parent Commitment about two years ago and Price just kind of looked around and seemed content. Lulu bought the kids matching outfits and they looked adorable. Price was clearly NOT into picture taking but we did the best we could!
The big sisters
Doesn't he look so OVER picture taking? Look at his cute friend Eme!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sweet words

Tonight as I was rocking Ellery before bed and we were going through our list of songs we like to sing, she said the sweetest thing.

Ellery: "I am soooo happy."
Mom: "Why are you soooo happy?"
Ellery: "Because I really like my mama and daddy."

Mom: tear drop (not really but what sweet words!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A note from dad

I hope he doesn't mind but I thought his email was so's from my dad. I have been having some lightning fears lately (don't ask).

In Houston every square mile has 10 - 20 lightning strikes per year. No particular area in Houston has more over an extended period.
Texas averages 4 deaths by lightning a year - Houston less than 1.
You are 84% more likely to be struck by lightning if you are male - keep Nathan and Price indoors.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cheerleader and the Moose

Just some pictures. Ellery attended Dillon's 3rd birthday party this weekend. It was a football theme, so of course Ellery was excited to wear her cheerleading ensemble once more. I am not sure what she is doing here - a cheer perhaps?

Enjoying the pretty weather
And here is Price, aka "the moose". His doctor came into the room at his last appointment and jokingly said he is in the moose category because his weight is right up there in the 95th percentile.
P.S. I glanced at my last post and had to laugh. I thought to myself, "Was I really learning how to delight last week? There was NO delighting yesterday with an over-stimulated, and over-tired 4 month old." At least today is a NEW day.
P.S.S. (Didn't you used to write that on notes in junior high school to girlfriends?) I learned today that Texas is the state with the seventh most lightning related deaths and injuries. Interesting, right? Number one state? Florida.
P.S.S.S. I tried so long to get this post to come out not looking so crazy but no such luck.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Today I had the privilege of rocking Price back to sleep after a cat nap. Sometimes when I try to rock him, he gets all squirmy and almost prefers to just be put back into his crib. Ellery was the same way. Today was different and we BOTH enjoyed a little nap.

The Lord is teaching me more and more how to love my children and DELIGHT in them.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Movie

Monday night Nathan had some buddies over to watch the game and so Ellery and I decided to make dessert. She discovered she liked peanut butter and had lots of fun licking the chocolate off the spoon!

Last night my parents asked if they could take Ellery to see Bolt. I decided that I didn't want to miss seeing her at her first movie so Nathan and I decided to go with them. My parents and Ellery went ahead of us so that I could feed Price before leaving him with a babysitter. When we walked up to where they were sitting in the theatre, what a sight it was. Ellery had her 3D glasses on and was eating a giant pickle! Not only did she get a pickle, but popcorn, a hot dog, and twizzlers too! She seemed to really enjoy the movie except the part at the end where Penny and Bolt were having a hard time escaping a fire. Ellery started crying and saying, "Where's her mama? She wants her mommy." Real tears were streaming down her face. The movie ended happily and we made sure E knew everyone was happy and safe and with their mommies. I love her big heart. I forgot to mention - Nathan didn't get to see any of this. He left the movie after about 5 minutes. He leaned over and told me he was going to see the Bond movie.

And I don't want to leave Price out - here are the boys taking in some afternoon football.

Monday, January 5, 2009

This and that

Wow - where do I begin? I am going to attempt to remember what went on last week but I can barely remember what happened yesterday! Wish I could still blame it on pregnancy fog. Nathan and I had a very low key New Years Eve. We were at our new HEB that day and sampled some really good steaks - so we decided to recreate them for dinner that night. We put the kids to bed and had a wonderful, relaxing meal. We didn't make it to midnight which was perfectly fine for us. We had a few play dates and enjoyed having Nathan home more than usual. Ellery has become obsessed with our 4-year old neighbor across the street and loves doing everything she does. She got a Barbie car too for Christmas and loves it - so I am thinking they are more of a four-year old thing! Which reminds me - Ellery has been using being two as an excuse for not pooping on the potty. She says, "I'm not three yet!"

Ellery is going through a "stuttering" phase. It's like her brain is working so much faster than her mouth. She knows what she wants to say but has a hard time getting the sentences out. I called up a speech pathologist just to make sure she wasn't in need of any speech therapy. I told her my very verbal toddler all of a sudden started stuttering and she kind of laughed and said it happens to most toddlers when they are going through a huge jump in vocabulary. She said it was perfectly normal.

Price continues to sleep through the night which is such a blessing to us. Everyone is happier when mom is rested. He has been "talking" so much lately and we are loving it. I love my blue-eyed boy!

We organized the playroom yesterday during naptime and got rid of so many toys that Ellery no longer plays with. We haven't done that since she was born! Really all she plays with these days are her baby dolls, and of course she loves to read her books. Last night I got home from grocery shopping and she had already gone to bed. I was laughing so hard because every swing, bouncer, and piece of baby equipment (whether it was Price's or a baby doll accessory) was occupied by one of her baby dolls. She is such a little mama and does a great job of making sure her babies are fed and put down for naps.

Well I can't think of much else. I am overwhelmed with television choices tonight. The Bachelor premiere, a brand new episode of Jon and Kate plus 8 (I hear they are moving), and The City. Of course, our tv will be tuned in to the Texas game. I hope our dvr is up for the challenge!
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