Monday, January 12, 2009

Cheerleader and the Moose

Just some pictures. Ellery attended Dillon's 3rd birthday party this weekend. It was a football theme, so of course Ellery was excited to wear her cheerleading ensemble once more. I am not sure what she is doing here - a cheer perhaps?

Enjoying the pretty weather
And here is Price, aka "the moose". His doctor came into the room at his last appointment and jokingly said he is in the moose category because his weight is right up there in the 95th percentile.
P.S. I glanced at my last post and had to laugh. I thought to myself, "Was I really learning how to delight last week? There was NO delighting yesterday with an over-stimulated, and over-tired 4 month old." At least today is a NEW day.
P.S.S. (Didn't you used to write that on notes in junior high school to girlfriends?) I learned today that Texas is the state with the seventh most lightning related deaths and injuries. Interesting, right? Number one state? Florida.
P.S.S.S. I tried so long to get this post to come out not looking so crazy but no such luck.


cindy gatewood said...

LOL about everything!


Ashley, Bill, and Hunter said...

Ellery looks adorable in the cheerleading outfit! They grow up so fast...I cant believe Hunter will be 1 yr in less than six weeks.

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