Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well let's see....I can already tell this is going to be a random post. The weekend is off to a great start because we have no real plans. I love it. Last night we had friends over for dinner and Ellery showed off her mad tricycling skills she just acquired. She can actually turn it and everything now. She is so proud. Between her tricycle and her scooter, the girl spends more time outside than indoors for sure.

Price has started laughing. It's such a manly laugh already, kind of a deep grunting laugh if that makes sense at all. Oh how I love that boy's smile! He sleeps so well at night and we are definitely thankful but his naps aren't the best. Little cat naps throughout the day and they are definitely longer in his car seat than in his crib. Ellery was such a great napper and she still takes awesome 2 to 2 1/2 hour naps every afternoon (hope I didn't just jinx that). The second child just can't have the luxury of taking scheduled naps everyday. Just when he finally falls asleep, I am having to get him in his car seat to go pick up Ellery from school or run an errand. Maybe he will be better for it in the long run?

His hair is starting to grow in! I took a picture of it on my phone and emailed it to Nathan at work yesterday. His reply - if you have to zoom in that much to see his hair, I don't think it counts babe. If you can't see it (it looks pretty white), you can definitely feel it. His bald head is getting fuzzy. Have I ever mentioned how much he loves having his head rubbed? Little genie boy.

Ellery's toddler bed has arrived. I told you this post was going to be random. However, it is still in the box. After much debate, we decided on a low to the ground toddler bed for several reasons. Number one being that our daughter is a crazy sleeper. Crazy. She takes after her mommy though. Nathan always claims he has about a foot of space on his side of the bed to sleep on most of the night.

So Lulu bought Ellery this cute bed from Pottery Barn Kids with little princess sheets and a quilt. It's adorable. We are just not sure we are quite ready to let go of the crib. I mean it's a good set up we still have. She gets in bed when we are ready and gets up when we are ready. Ellery knows though that her big girl bed is in the box and so I am sure it will be making its debut here sometime soon.

And why oh why do we have to grow awesome, thick hair while pregnant only to lose it in mass quantities after we give birth? It's just not fair.

Enough randomness, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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thesapp4 said...

A year later, my hair is finally not coming out in such large quantities. I was always amazed that despite how much I lost, I still had thick hair. I felt like I should be bald!

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