Monday, March 30, 2009

Trip to Southlake

We had a great weekend getaway to Southlake to visit Paige and Taylor. We had been planning this weekend for awhile because of the Race for Wishes event Paige was planning for the Make -A -Wish Foundation. We packed all of our "racing" gear and the double jogger and then woke up to freezing temperatures and gusting wind Saturday morning. It was COLD. I wasn't going to miss it though. If Paige could get up and out in the elements at 3:30 a.m., then we could do it! So we bundled up the kiddos and headed to the Ft. Worth Stockyards. There was face-painting, clowns, lots of good food, but not a lot of runner or walkers! We still enjoyed our hour there though and Ellery managed to eat a couple bites of a donut before having to get her hands back into her gloves! We were so proud of Paige and her co-workers - it was a fun event for a very special cause.

We warmed ourselves up over Mexican food at Mi Cocina in the Southlake Town Center and then went back to their house for much-needed naps. Later that afternoon, Paige and I took Ellery to this place called Sweet and Sassy. It is a little boutique and "spa" for girls. They have a salon, mani/pedi station, and then an area for birthday parties with dress-up clothes and a miniature runway. It was super cute and Ellery enjoyed her first mani/pedi. It was so fun watching her pick out her nail polish colors and lotion (vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry)! I must admit though, that watching the girls at the birthday party was a little disturbing to me. They were probably 5 or 6 and acting about 13 with their up-dos and outfits. It was just too much for this mom - maybe I will feel differently when E is a few years older? Or maybe not. Ellery watched a couple girls getting their ears pierced and confidently told me that it was time to get her ears pierced as well. Funny girl!

Saturday night we just stayed in and hung out. Ellery was obsessed with her Aunt Paige and Uncle Taylor this trip. She just couldn't get enough and had so much fun being away from home. In fact, Price loved it too. He slept better and later than he ever has before, waking up at 8am each morning. He was Mr. Smiley all weekend and Paige got some fun laughs out of him. Paige was the first one to get a great laugh out of Ellery when she was a baby, and so she must have the special touch.

Sunday we packed up and made a couple of stops on our way out of town. The first one was to meet up with Jody and her two girls. They were driving towards Ft. Worth and so we were going to cross paths and couldn't miss the opportunity to see each other, even if it was only for 3o minutes. Ellery, Emily, and Taylor picked right back up where they left off last summer, not missing a beat. Jody and I are the same way so it was sweet to see that bond between our girls.

We then met Bebe and Pops for a quick bite to eat in Arlington. Of course, Ellery and Price were delighted to see them. Ellery practically took her pants off at the restaurant to show them her big girl panties. She was so proud to show them off! They are always so willing to drive to us and after making the drive ourselves, we are so grateful they do!

On the way home, Tiffany and I were texting back and forth. They had been visiting her parents in Weatherford over the weekend and were headed back home as well. She texted me the mile-marker they were at and it happened to be the same one we were about to be at - so fun! So we had a caravan home and enjoyed a great snack/potty break together. Then mom had a huge lapse of judgment and regretted it most of the trip home. I suggested that Madi Kate take Ellery's movie, Bolt, for the trip home and we take one of theirs. Since Ellery had watched it 5 times already, I thought it would be fun for them to do a little swap. I learned my lesson because Ellery screamed and carried on for about 45 minutes about Penny and Bolt. Afterall, it was her brand new movie her dad had bought her especially for the trip. We tried everything - bribing her with gum, candy, her pacifier (we just wanted a quiet trip home, can you blame us?). Nothing worked and it was getting ridiculous. We knew she was exhausted from the weekend and no naps, but it was out of control. So we had our first pullover on the side of the road. We actually exited from the freeway to be safe and happened to be among the most beautiful field of bluebonnets and wildflowers. Nathan calmed little miss down and I joked about how perfect the setting would have been for pictures (the sun was setting and everything) minus the splotchy, snotty, red-faced little girl.

Ellery and Paige cheering on the racers. Doesn't Ellery look miserable? If you look closely, I think you can see some frozen glaze from her donut all over face.

P was all bundled! No one told me my swoosh was on upside-down. What a dork.

First pedi.

Checking them out.

Pretty toes!

First mani.

And pretty fingers to match. Check out the cute flower they paint on them and glitter spray!

Emily, Ellery, and Taylor. Jody and I think Taylor and Ellery will be college roomies like we were. We think they might go to UT though if their dads have anything to do with it.

Pit stop with my BFF and strawberry milk - does it get any better? I LOVE these two girls!

And Price turned 7 months on Sunday! Yummy carrots.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Monday morning Ellery woke up and said, "I wear big girl panties now, mom." I was a little hesitant because it was a school day, but I decided to just go with it. I'm so glad I did because she has officially worn them two days in a row, even to gymnastics. She has had a couple of accidents (all at home, thankfully), but I know those are bound to happen. I am so proud of her! It's so strange to not see that little diaper booty.

And this morning I woke up to a very puffy, congested, and eye-watering little boy. The day got worse and he started running a fever, his very first. I ran him to the doctor and he has his first ear infection...poor guy.

So lots of firsts this week at our good and one not-so good.

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Pricey

It's Spring Break! I don't really understand why a preschooler needs Spring Break - it is definitely more for the teachers. Actually though, it has been a break from schedules for us. Not having to drop off and pick up Ellery 3 hours later has allowed us some freedom. We went swimming for the first time this year, enjoyed the park, had several play dates with friends, and have just enjoyed some "down" time.

Ellery has worn big girl panties a couple times this week and is making progress. The more I leave it up to her, the better she does. She's just a little bit like her mama. She has been such a helper which made it possible for me to take the two of them swimming by myself this week. I know I always say this, but I really am enjoying her more and more. She's good company most of the time.
Price is loving his toys these days. He enjoys reaching and pulling on toys and then testing them out in his mouth. He is constantly chewing on his hands which would make me think he might be getting a tooth, except for the fact that E didn't get one till almost one! He had his first outing to the park in which he got out of the stroller and was able to swing! He seemed to really enjoy it and was laughing and smiling. I feel like he is getting more comfortable with his helmet everyday. At the beginning of the week, I was sure we made a horrible decision because he wasn't sleeping well at night and he was displaying his dissatisfaction with the helmet by not smiling at me. However, the past couple of days have been much better and my happy little man is back. Thank goodness!

Something that I have noticed this week is how Price is taking so much interest in his big sister, watching her play and talk. He just loves her so much already. Some days it is Ellery who receives the biggest smiles and laughter from "my Pricey" (as E refers to him). It makes me look forward to the days when they will play (and fight) together, and I am praying they will be best of buds.

What you don't see is Ellery holding his hand while reading him books
Hanging onto every word
All smiles for Ellery

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Strike a pose

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rodeo Day

Today we braved the cold, wet, and windy weather for a morning at the Livestock Show and Rodeo. I was so excited to spend a morning with only Ellery as I have felt a little sorry for her with all the attention Price has been receiving lately with his new look. Tiffany and Madi Kate went with us and we left the little ones with a sitter. Tiffany and I laughed about how easy a trip is with only our big girls - no diaper bag, no stopping to nurse, no missing naps and getting cranky, etc. etc. We also talked about how big our girls are getting - they are all of a sudden just so grown up. When I think about this, it makes me sad that Ellery is growing up so fast but then so excited about what lies ahead and all the fun things we will do together.

I had to break out Ellery's winter coat (after just spring cleaning her closet and packing away the winter clothes) for the trip. Besides the cold and numb limbs, we enjoyed ourselves. Oh, and besides the 100 school buses full of kindergarteners on field trips. Note to anyone planning a trip to the rodeo - go in the afternoon, like around 2 or 3. That is what we did last year and it was so much better in terms of crowds. We managed to get to the petting zoo and pony rides before the mile-long lines formed and then headed outside to enjoy a little hands-on farming exhibit and pig races. Ellery loved the pony rides and then loved watching little chickens hatch from their eggs. She has been talking about the chickens cracking open their eggs all afternoon.

I have enjoyed myself at the rodeo this year as well. I went with some girlfriends last night and then Nathan and I are headed back next week. Yee-haw

Monday, March 9, 2009

Making its debut

Nathan researched the official Horns helmet and then found some vinyl decals on ebay. Minus a warning sign decal, Price's helmet has all the elements of the real deal. He was going to be #12, Colt McCoy, but there wasn't enough room so he's just #2. I think his daddy is so proud!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A new lid

It's here and the decorating is in the works. I will give you a hint...I decided to leave it up to Nathan and he has been hard at work.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Funny girl

This is what our room looked like tonight. Yes, those are 16 baby dolls all lined up, each with a marker, food, and a page from my magazine. I think we need to give some dolls away! Ellery likes to give them all bows too, but I quickly put an end to that because we were losing some of them.

And not to leave Pricey out. Here's the big boy in his Bumbo.

And just because I am posting pictures...I love this.

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