Friday, March 20, 2009

My Pricey

It's Spring Break! I don't really understand why a preschooler needs Spring Break - it is definitely more for the teachers. Actually though, it has been a break from schedules for us. Not having to drop off and pick up Ellery 3 hours later has allowed us some freedom. We went swimming for the first time this year, enjoyed the park, had several play dates with friends, and have just enjoyed some "down" time.

Ellery has worn big girl panties a couple times this week and is making progress. The more I leave it up to her, the better she does. She's just a little bit like her mama. She has been such a helper which made it possible for me to take the two of them swimming by myself this week. I know I always say this, but I really am enjoying her more and more. She's good company most of the time.
Price is loving his toys these days. He enjoys reaching and pulling on toys and then testing them out in his mouth. He is constantly chewing on his hands which would make me think he might be getting a tooth, except for the fact that E didn't get one till almost one! He had his first outing to the park in which he got out of the stroller and was able to swing! He seemed to really enjoy it and was laughing and smiling. I feel like he is getting more comfortable with his helmet everyday. At the beginning of the week, I was sure we made a horrible decision because he wasn't sleeping well at night and he was displaying his dissatisfaction with the helmet by not smiling at me. However, the past couple of days have been much better and my happy little man is back. Thank goodness!

Something that I have noticed this week is how Price is taking so much interest in his big sister, watching her play and talk. He just loves her so much already. Some days it is Ellery who receives the biggest smiles and laughter from "my Pricey" (as E refers to him). It makes me look forward to the days when they will play (and fight) together, and I am praying they will be best of buds.

What you don't see is Ellery holding his hand while reading him books
Hanging onto every word
All smiles for Ellery


cindy gatewood said...

Sweet babies!


Amanda said...

Hey! For some reason my feed reader just now showed me your last 10 updates. Weird! I'm all caught up now though. Price is so cute with his helmet!

Janice said...

What great pictures! It is so fun to be a little part of their everyday lives!
Aunt Janice

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