Tuesday, June 30, 2009

10 months

Price had to have an EEG on his 10 month birthday yesterday! It was quite an ordeal but thankfully, we received good results.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sleepy girl

Ellery is going to Mother's Day Out once a week this summer for the months of June and July. She is enjoying the new church and faces, the new toys, and new playground. However, everytime we drive past her "real school" she tells me how much she misses it. They have naptime at this Mother's Day Out and I would have bet money on the fact that Ellery would not sleep for them. She is just not one to "give it up" for naptime unless it is in her own bed, with her lovey and paci. (A very short paci, I might add. Nathan had been cutting it nightly before he left and it should be gone by now, but I just don't have the heart to keep cutting it while daddy is gone.)

Well, this afternoon I went to pick her up and this is what I found:

Lights were on, kids were running around her talking and playing, but she was in true la-la land. It was so very un-Ellery like, but I loved it!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

And he's off...

Nathan left for Sudan on Tuesday! He will be there for 11 days ministering to the Sudanese people and also mentoring the Aid Sudan Nasir Bible church leaders. We have zero contact with him besides a family and friends mass email update every couple of days. It's tough having no communication when I am so used to just picking up the phone or sending him a text!
The first update that we received today said that the team is staying in Juba (the capital of southern Sudan) tonight before making their journey to the village of Nasir tomorrow. I think they encountered some rough weather on one small plane ride and I am wondering how my sensitive-stomach hubby fared. Poor thing.

I miss him like crazy already but am so excited for him to have this experience. I know the Lord will work in powerful ways during his time in Sudan.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday

Dear Miss Ellery Paige,

Happy 3rd Birthday! I cannot believe you are 3 years old today. I remember clearly the day you were born at 11:16 pm. Our lives were changed forever. You spent 3 days in the NICU and I didn't want to be away from you one minute. I would whisper to your little ears, "Mommy loves Ellery." I still whisper that to those same, but bigger ears.

You have changed so much this past year. You have gotten so tall and your chunky monkey legs are disappearing before our eyes. You speak so well and clearly and have such a vivid imagination. Your daddy and I think you are so incredibly smart. You amaze us all of the time with your memory and the things you say and do. You can write "Elle" now.

You have had a big year, welcoming your baby brother. You were born to be a big sister. You are such a helper to your mama, so much that sometimes I forget that you are still a baby yourself. You love Pricey and he adores you too. You keep him entertained throughout the day.
You have always loved an audience.

You still love playing with your baby dolls and have started "holding class" in our playroom. You enjoy playing outside with your friends, riding your bike and scooter, and you also love to color and paint. You enjoy reading books and coming up with your own stories at night to tell your dad and I. We have started playing games as a family and you enjoy this so much. Singing is also one of your favorite activities, and you always do it with such great animation. You memorized your first Bible verse recently, one your daddy taught you.

You can be a little hard-headed at times and get frustrated when you can't figure something out or do something on your own. You have always been miss independent. You have so much life in you - something I have thought about you since day one. Your name means "strong leader", and I see this quality in you already.

Happy Birthday to our beautiful Ellery. We love you in the morning and we love you late at night, we love you in the evening when the moon is shining bright....mom and dad

Party time

Ellery had her 3rd birthday party this weekend at Discover gymnastics. She seemed to have a great time, seeing her friends and running wild around the gym. For the second year in a row, we had a combined party for Ellery and Madi Kate. The girls couldn't have looked cuter in their matching leotards and tutus.

The day started out with a hair cut - every girl has to look good for their own party!

The besties - Madi Kate is like a sister to Ellery (maybe the only one she will ever get!)

Everyone who has a party at Discover gets to put their handprint on the wall.

Sliding down from the pit

Stretching - Nathan said that Ellery listened so well to her instructors and wouldn't move to a new piece of equipment until she was told to do so. Why do I have a feeling Price won't be so eager to please?

While the older kids were running around, these two were having some fun of their own. Price loves Emery!

Doing some stretching of his own!

Cake time - each of the kids paraded around the gym to the tune of the Olympic theme (is it called the March of Champions?) and received a medal

Party favors!

At home, opening a few gifts before bedtime

I can't believe these two are 3 years old! Oh, how time flies!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Princess baking

I had been promising Ellery that we would make princess cookies with our new cookie cutters. Today we put Price down for his morning nap and got to baking!

Rolling the dough and using the cookie cutters
Telling me all of the princess shapes that are about to go in the oven

Can't forget sprinkles

And the best part!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Well check-ups

Two well check-ups today and two healthy babies!

Ellery - 3 years
34 lbs
39 inches

Price - 9 months
24 lbs
29 1/2 inches

That's right...only 10 lbs apart! Ellery was asked to count her 1o fingers, asked if she knew her colors and shapes (yes!), and asked about potty-training (to which E declared..."I wear panties now!") She had the usual check-up, which included blood pressure this time. Price had one vaccine and a finger prick to check for anemia. He's making progress with his milestones and that satisfied Dr. Spinner!

We are thankful.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ear tubes were a success

Price did great and is recovering nicely! I am wondering if the world sounds a little different to him now?
This picture was in recovery. He was a little upset when we first saw him but ate and fell right back to sleep!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Surgery tomorrow

Price's ear tube surgery is scheduled for 8am in the morning at Texas Children's Hospital. I can honestly say I am not worried about it, although I am sure I will get the nervous stomach in the morning. Please say a prayer for him if you think about it. And maybe one for his mama - who will be handing over her "pride and joy" to the doctors and nurses. (Thanks Lindsey for that - I can't sum it up any better!)
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