Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, Street!

Dear Street,
My baby is 2 and I cannot believe it.  You are just so much fun, little guy!  I always say you are the perfect combination of sweet and naughty all wrapped up into a little, mostly-bald, red head.  Your daddy and I are truly (most of the time) delighting in your naughtiness and your "all-boy" behavior.  It's refreshing, really.  I am afraid you are going to get away with much more than your older sister did.  Maybe it's because I am realizing not to sweat the small stuff, to delight in your 2-year-old-ness.

You have no idea how much you have blessed our family already, sweet boy.  You absolutely are a perfect gift from the Lord.  You have healed our hearts in so many ways.  Watching you develop and grow has been nothing short of a miracle to us.  Hearing your sentences, the way you run and love to get dirty outside, your love of trains and trucks, your singing and dancing to the Wiggles and Psalty, and the way you follow your sister around everywhere - it's all so great to us.  Watching you serve and love on your brother is even more amazing. (You can also drive him completely crazy at times.)

Your teachers have commented that you are so full of joy and even obedient.  The full of joy part I was ready for, not so much the obedient part.  You love learning.  You know all your colors and shapes and can even count.  You regularly include spanish in your daily talk, using the words "agua" and "aqui".  You are persistent, hard-headed, particular, and up for just about anything.  You get a little shy around strangers but give unsolicited hugs and kisses out to your family.  You are funny, too.  You are always catching me off guard and making me laugh.  You love to pull out your "monster voice" when you say, "Thank you mommy."  It makes me giggle every time.  You don't like when I answer, "Hmmm?" when you say my name.  You will tell me, "No hmmm mommy.  No hmmm."  I could go on and on.

You remind us to say our prayers at meal time and before bed.  In fact, you make me sing about 4 songs before bed and usually request that I jump up and down or twirl while singing them.  Did I tell you that you are particular?

I am so thankful for your 2 years, Street.  You have brought healing, laughter, friendship for your sister, motivation for your brother, and so much more.  The Lord could not have made a more perfect fit for this family.  You are so so loved.


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