Saturday, August 30, 2008

Introducing Price Nathan


3:51 pm

7 lbs, 12.4 oz

19 1/2 in.

We couldn't have asked for an easier birth and delivery. Thank you for your prayers...we are in love! He looks a lot like Ellery did at birth but has a lot less hair and it is blonde!

More pictures to come!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

No baby

No baby yet! I went to the doctor today and was possibly going to be induced but it seems my body and this baby boy are not really ready. There is a possibility I could get in tomorrow for an induction, but my doctor thinks that the hospital will be a zoo with people trying to get in before Labor Day weekend. So either I go into labor on my own over the weekend (a situation we were trying to avoid because my doctor will not be around) or I will have him on my actual due date, the 2nd. I prefer to have him come on his own timing, but the way he has been content just hanging out - that might not happen for a good while!
Not only is Labor Day weekend approaching but there is also a hurricane possibly heading into the Gulf of Mexico - maybe I should change his name to Gustav. I am actually pretty calm about the whole situation and am remembering our pastor's message from last Sunday about how when we are walking with the Lord, we can have peace, rest, and security at all times. I will keep y'all in the loop with any updates!
I am heading out to Ellery's school orientation tonight. She starts school next Wednesday and I think she is more than ready. I can tell she is getting a little bored with her VERY pregnant mother.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Some pictures

Ready to play in the rain

Asleep after the princess party (notice the pink hair and eye makeup)

An outfit Poppy brought back from Hong Kong that says "Elle"(E said he was in Honk Honk!)

How we spent our Saturday - upset tummy and watching Charlotte's Web

Friday, August 22, 2008


I have started getting excited and anxious about the arrival of Price. I think because I have been having some pretty painful contractions on and off the past couple of days. I thought for sure when I went to the doctor yesterday that I would have made some significant progress, but no such luck. I am the same as last week. Do you mean to tell me I am having pain and it is not doing a thing? Not fair at all.

My doctor said we could induce labor on Friday, the 29th if I have not had him before then. I am not sure if we will choose that route, as I have heard labor is much easier when it happens naturally. Also, that would perfectly coincide with Labor Day weekend and the first Longhorn football game that Nathan would love to be at!

So we are just praying for perfect timing and the perfect birthday for this little guy. I have added a little survey on our blog so you can take a guess at his arrival date. I am a little bored, what can I say!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Clumsy Days

I have just had to laugh at myself the past couple of days. It has been raining here and that plus being clumsy and almost 10 months pregnant has not been a great thing.
Yesterday I was doing some grocery shopping while Ellery was at Mothers Day Out. I was putting the grocery sacks in our car in the rain. Before I knew it, the grocery cart had rolled off the curb, fallen over, hit the car, and all of the groceries had spilled out all over the street. I dented our car for the 2nd time in a few months and had to pick up all the spilled groceries, all the while getting soaked.
If that was not enough excitement for one week, today Ellery and I had an outing to her pediatrician to discuss some of the "issues" she has been having (referring to my post on the 8th). They have definitely gotten worse. Well, on our way out of the doctor's office it was pouring and the parking lot was flooding. It did not look like it was going to get any better any time soon, and so I picked up Ellery, broke out the umbrella, and headed for the car. I was wading through water that was up to my mid-calves and I actually lost a flip flop. There was a car right behind us that must have been either feeling sorry for me or laughing hysterically at this pregnant woman. I got Ellery in the car, chased my flip-flop down, and we were on our way home completely soaked. If that didn't put me into labor, then I don't know what will!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Just an update

No baby yet! I went to the doctor yesterday and am making progress so who knows when Price will make his appearance. If he comes like Ellery did, it will be in about a week. Everything is pretty much ready, including this pregnant mama! No, I am actually feeling and doing great - other than looking VERY pregnant.
We have been busy. Did I say a couple of posts back that Ellery was just a sweet and easy girl? Well, things have been different the past couple of weeks. She has been more moody, cranky, and clingy - not to mention more disobedient and stubborn! We realized that she is cutting her 2 year molars so hopefully this explains the odd behavior. Or maybe she senses her world is about to be turned upside down with a little brother. I have been praying for some peaceful, easy days before Price gets here, but I am starting to believe that this is exactly what she and I need right now. I am able to rock her and care for her much more than normal, since she is usually such an independent girl. She wants her mama these days (and daddy) and I hope I can take full advantage of our last days just the two of us.
We have been to 3 birthday parties since I last posted - a princess party, a swim party, and a party at Chuck E Cheese. The princess party was so cute. Ellery picked out a Tinkerbell dress to change into, got her makeup and nails done, and even had her hair sprayed pink and glittered. She was the youngest one at the party and seemed to enjoy it, although was a little overwhelmed. They drank apple juice from tea cups and danced to "Who Let the Dogs Out". What more could a girl ask for?

Friday, August 8, 2008

A not so pleasant, but funny story

Forgive me for blogging on this subject but I keep finding myself laughing about what just went on at our house. First let me explain that Ellery has been asking to use the potty for awhile now. It is a hit and miss kind of thing - many more misses than hits. Well, lately she is always saying she needs to poop on the potty. She can take her clothes and diaper off, so she will do this about every 30 minutes or so if we are home and try to use the potty. While I know this is a good sign that we are headed in the right direction, it is a little tiresome.

As of about a week ago, however, Ellery has been going a few days between poops and working herself into a frenzy when she does have to go. I don't know if she is constipated (again, I apologize for blogging about this) or if she just has a fear of pooping. I keep explaining to her that everyone poops and its okay, but this doesn't seem to help. She will run around a whole day holding her bottom, screaming ouchie, and saying she needs to poop.

Well, today was one of those days where she was doing the tantrum/screaming thing saying she had to poop and I was of course expecting a delivery around noon. Just when I thought I was going to lose it, I remembered that the past two times we have had days like this, she has ended up going to the bathroom outside. It happened at the lake this past weekend. I stuck her out in the backyard and watched - and sure enough she didn't disappoint! Right about when she was turning red and grunting, the lady delivering a window treatment for Price's room walks in (I had kept the front door open just in case) and sees this whole event. I am helping Ellery (telling her it's okay, everyone poops) as she does her thing. I have to explain to this lady whom I never met that my daughter will only poop outside and that I will be with her as soon as I get Ellery upstairs and change an enormous, smelly diaper. I am sure she is thinking we are a very, very strange family. Her comment was that maybe Ellery just likes being with nature!

Toddlers always seem to have impeccable timing! Maybe I should put the potty seat outside from now on. I wonder if that would work?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday update

We are staying inside today trying to stay out of the rain from this tropical storm that is sweeping across Houston. Perfect time to catch up on the blog.

We were able to take one last getaway to Austin this past weekend for our annual trip with the Clarks. They have 2 girls (ages 4 1/2 and 2 1/2) and Ellery just loved being around them this year. They played baby dolls, watched movies, swam, and enjoyed being out on the lake in the boat. Ellery even went tubing this year!! The tube was like a giant couch and so Jody and Brandon rode with the 3 girls while Nathan drove the boat. I accompanied them on one boat ride, when the water was not too choppy. I did not want to go into labor on the lake!

Jody and I went to the San Marcos outlets on Saturday and ended up in a major traffic jam on the way home. Something about a truck that was carrying cereal had spilled and then somehow caught on fire. It took us over 4 hours to make it home (it should have taken about 30 minutes). I was having flashbacks of the hurricane evacuation a couple of years ago. Good thing was that I had brought along a book that Jody recommended called The Shack. I read it out loud, which made the trip a little more bearable. I highly recommend it too. It really is one of those life-changing books that everyone should read.

My doctor gave me the approval to go ahead and take one last trip but said that was it until Price makes his appearance. I will see her next week as she is out of town this week, and hopefully we will have a better idea of when to expect his arrival. I am feeling great - my congestion has mostly disappeared and other than tired feet and back at the end of the day, I am doing well. We are still busy with final preparations before he arrives - waiting on some furniture, doing laundry, etc.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Here are some pictures from this weekend:

the three musketeers


cuddling with Emily
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