Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...

... happy birthday dear Pricey, happy birthday to YOU!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Slowly but surely

We have started a new fall therapy schedule with Price that hopefully will allow us to only go on Mondays and Thursdays. Because we are only going two days a week, he will have back-to-back physical and speech therapy. I know it will be a little rough on him at first since he will be missing his morning nap, but I am hopeful that he will get the hang of it soon. It will be so nice to have 3 days a week where we don't have to get up in the morning and rush out of the house.

I just went into Price's room and peaked at him sleeping. He used to sleep with his head slightly tilted to the right and stayed pretty much in one position the entire night. The past couple of nights he has had his head completely turned to one side so that he is lying on his cheek. Nathan and I just stood in his room amazed at his progress. I know it doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but to us it most definitely is! He has looked like he is about to roll from back to stomach for the past few days, and he sure looks like it tonight while he is sleeping. He has been rolling from stomach to back well for about 3 weeks and if he could just figure out the other direction, he could roll to wherever he wants to go! He is also trying to get his legs under him a little bit while on his stomach which is great too.

In speech therapy today Price was making choices. I know that sounds weird but I have discovered that speech therapy isn't just speech! They work on so much more. His speech therapist gave him the choice of an animal cracker or some peaches in syrup....such healthy options. She changed up how she held each choice a few times and each time Price chose the animal cracker. He definitely knew what he wanted! Just the fact that he is looking at both choices and using his hands to show us which one he wants is a big step for a little guy that lacked muscle tone and control to extend his arms. He is also babbling more. His vocabulary is mostly limited to "ga-ga" and "ah-ga" but it is obvious he is trying to hold a conversation.

With all the progress it is still hard sometimes for me when I see what Price should be doing for his age. My mom and I took him to Picture People for some one year pictures last week and I left in tears, partly because Ellery was out of control and partly because it made me sad that he couldn't sit up unsupported for very long or even attempt to stand on the little #1 box that they have as a prop.

Sunday was suppose to be Sunday school promotion day. Ellery moved up to her 3 year old class with Miss Kristen (when I told her that was her new teacher's name she declared, "That's weird"). Price was moved up to a one year old class which had me a little skeptical but we decided to give it a try. Well, the poor guy would have been trampled, although size-wise he fit right in. Most of the kids were walking and all were crawling. There were no swings or exersaucers like in his nursery room. These kids were attempting to go down slides and eating crackers! The teachers and Nathan and I quickly decided he wasn't ready and he went back to the baby room. I love his nursery room workers and of course they love him, so I wasn't sad for too long. They said the oldest baby they have ever had in their class was 18 months old, so we will see if Price breaks the record.

I'm so thankful for a good and encouraging day of therapy after this past week. Pricey is making progress, slowly but surely. Although he is turning one this Saturday, he is developmentally more like a 6 month-old. I sure do love 6 month-olds though, don't you?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

To the lake...

Ellery, Lauren, Justin, and Emily eating popcorn and watching movies

Lauren and Ellery

Last weekend we spent a couple days at the lake with family. Ellery loved all of the action and especially enjoyed playing with Lauren, who is five. Lauren's daddy was my constant companion when I was Ellery's age. Ellery learned how to play Marco/Polo and discovered Hannah Montana. She was so brave, jumping off the spa into the pool and then swimming to the side. She was determined to keep up with the "big kids." We love our family and always enjoy getting together, which isn't as often as we would like!
This is the start of our many weekend trips to the lake since football season is right around the corner. I cannot believe almost a year has passed since Price's birth and his first football games.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mr. Snuggly

We visited Meredith again tonight at the hospital and Price decided to snuggle up with her in the bed. I can't get enough of his grin, which is quickly filling up with teeth I might add. He seems to be getting a new one every couple of days. Meredith is looking great and feeling much better than yesterday. She still has a long road ahead of her so please continue to pray for her recovery and healing.

Meredith's Journey

My sweet-as-can-be sister-in-law, Meredith, was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago. She is only 35 years old but is full of such wisdom and faith. You can follow her journey here.
She had surgery yesterday and we were able to visit her last night. She is in good spirits, but in some pain and obviously exhausted. What is so neat is that her church gave her a prayer pager for people to call when they have prayed for her. That pager went off nearly every 5 minutes yesterday while she was in surgery and recovery, from all over the country.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wiggle time

Last week we spent the majority of our days and nights at my mom and dad's house with my sister Paige and my mom. Nathan, my dad, and Paige's husband were all on a golfing trip to Scotland for eight days. We had a lot of fun with just the girls plus Price, although we definitely missed our boys. I will write more about our week later but wanted to post some quick pictures of a highlight - the Wiggles! Ellery and I went to see them perform on Sunday night and of course, she loved it! She has been a Wiggles fan for as long as I can remember. Anthony waved to her from on stage (we had front row tickets thanks to Poppy) and she thought that was pretty cool. I must say the Wiggles put on a good show and have some serious acrobatic skills.
And just for fun, my little bookworms! Price thinks his sister hung the moon.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday morning randomness

I could kick myself for writing in the last post that Ellery was officially pooping. Ugh...we have had a major set back this week and I am frustrated.

Here is Price with his therapist, Irene. We all really like her. She gives Price so many kisses and sings to him when he gets upset about the work he is having to do. She also makes him work hard and is determined to see him make progress. He usually wears this little brace during his session that stabilizes him. He also has to wear these little spandex tights sometimes to keep his legs together. It's a funny sight!

We had a fun Friday night as a family before Nathan leaves for an 8-day trip to Scotland. We went to a little backyard concert to hear a good friend of Nathan's play. We decided to take the kids even though it didn't start until about 8pm. Ellery loved it, dancing to the music and playing washers with some of the guys. She definitely isn't shy. Price was up way past his bedtime but did great and actually fell asleep in Nathan's arms.

I am off to Michael's to get started on a few projects for Price's 1st birthday party. It's going to be a small party, but I definitely want to make it a special one for my little child of promise. My friend Christi, has this awesome blog about party planning which has totally inspired me. If you are needing any fun ideas check it out!
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