Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wiggle time

Last week we spent the majority of our days and nights at my mom and dad's house with my sister Paige and my mom. Nathan, my dad, and Paige's husband were all on a golfing trip to Scotland for eight days. We had a lot of fun with just the girls plus Price, although we definitely missed our boys. I will write more about our week later but wanted to post some quick pictures of a highlight - the Wiggles! Ellery and I went to see them perform on Sunday night and of course, she loved it! She has been a Wiggles fan for as long as I can remember. Anthony waved to her from on stage (we had front row tickets thanks to Poppy) and she thought that was pretty cool. I must say the Wiggles put on a good show and have some serious acrobatic skills.
And just for fun, my little bookworms! Price thinks his sister hung the moon.


Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness...that pic of them reading together is more than precious!

cindy gatewood said...

Wig-gle All Day Long!

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