Thursday, August 20, 2009

To the lake...

Ellery, Lauren, Justin, and Emily eating popcorn and watching movies

Lauren and Ellery

Last weekend we spent a couple days at the lake with family. Ellery loved all of the action and especially enjoyed playing with Lauren, who is five. Lauren's daddy was my constant companion when I was Ellery's age. Ellery learned how to play Marco/Polo and discovered Hannah Montana. She was so brave, jumping off the spa into the pool and then swimming to the side. She was determined to keep up with the "big kids." We love our family and always enjoy getting together, which isn't as often as we would like!
This is the start of our many weekend trips to the lake since football season is right around the corner. I cannot believe almost a year has passed since Price's birth and his first football games.

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Sherry said...

The weekend was so much fun. Enjoyed all the activities too!
Love you,
Aunt Sherry

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