Monday, April 25, 2011


The kids loved their Easter baskets from Lulu and Poppy. How about this crazy head of hair?

Street just loved the grass.

Street and James had some fun,

while the "big girls" had some fun with Easter eggs.

Ella and Ellery went to our neighborhood Easter egg hunt.

I managed to get a decent picture on Easter morning. Last years didn't go so well.

We played outside on Sunday afternoon.

The boys got a baby pool and E had fun with a sprinkler.

Most importantly, however, we celebrated that "He is RISEN" and that the tomb is empty.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Photos by Ellery

Ellery got after it with my camera after our little inpromptu dinner picnic.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back in the ring

I wrote a blog post late last night, but then deleted it. Have you ever done that? I wasn't sure how much I would like it/be glad I wrote it in the morning. I think I would have been okay with it. It went a little something like this.

All of Price's tests from Duke came back normal. Every single one. Even the one we repeated. The doctors said if we lived there, they would ask us to come back to the clinic, look at Price again, and see if they missed anything. No thanks. We were there for four days, all day long. I think he was evaluated pretty thoroughly.

We had an appointment with a mitochondrial disease expert here in Houston yesterday. We don't think P has mito as he is not the typical case, but our neurologist said we might as well check it out. It took awhile to get in to see her, and yesterday was the day.

Our appointment was at 2:30 and we didn't get to leave the clinic until 5pm. That's a whole lot of waiting in a tiny, white room with no toys. A student came in first to do an intake. She was very friendly and Price took right to her. In fact, Price met a milestone right there in the room during the intake. He got himself up on all fours for the first time ever. This sweet girl is doing her intake and Nathan and I are staring at P with our mouths wide open, cheering him on. We even were taking pictures. She must have thought we were crazy.

The doctor then came in and was very pleasant, but she definitely did not impress P. The first thing she did was wave a stuffed animal in front of his eyes to assess his tracking abilities. Really doc? He could have cared less about that stuffed chicken. She then went on to tell us that whatever they would be testing Price for now would be very, very rare diseases/syndromes. She also said that they would not be treatable and that the prognosis would most likely be poor. She continued on to tell us that she could understand why we wanted to know what he has as it could have reproductive consequences for us or for our other kids. But mainly, she understood our desire to know if we would be caring for P for 10 years or 50 years.

Now, N and I are not in denial. We know there is a great possibility we will be caring for Price his entire life. We have gone there. But, to tell us this after having known P for 2 minutes was just wrong (especially the part where she assumed his shortened life span). I wanted to sweep my baby up in my arms and run right out of that room. Except I couldn't because there were 4 med students hovering around the door like we were some science experiment.

We didn't do any of the testing she recommended yesterday. We were done. Price was done. We just didn't have it in us. We felt like we had gotten back in the ring, ready to fight again and we were just not ready.

We definitely have decisions to make. Price is doing so well. The fact that he met a milestone during this awful appointment was not lost on us. We are enjoying this boy and oh, how we love him. He has taught us more about heaven then we could have ever imagined.

I have been on the verge of tears ever since the appointment, feeling fragile. The Lord allowed me to run into a sweet, wise friend today at Nordstroms while trying on some jeans (this might have contributed to my tears..ha). It was definitely not a coincidence and was yet another reminder of how He is with us through all of this. He is always faithful. We are dissapointed when we say "Amen" and the miraculous healing has not taken place. We are dissapointed that we have never found the answers after countless tearful prayers and begging and pleading. We are dissapointed when a doctor speaks painful words to our already tender ears. But, He remains faithful and good and we will continue to praise the One who loves P much more than we do.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

6 month pictures

We have been busy this week hanging out with Paige and Piper. Piper and Street have had lots of play time and we wished so badly that they lived closer. They even got to take on gymboree for the first time. Piper acted so lady-like and sweet, while Streeter had a difficult time when the teacher took his ball away. He never quite recovered. Ellery showing Street bubbles for the first time. He loves watching his big sister.

He's looking a little "Where's Waldo-ish" in these pics, but I had to get them quick before I blink and he's 7 months old. Times a flying.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


We joke that if you could take Price and Street, put them in a shaker, and spit them out...they would be two typically developing kids. Not too slow and not too fast. Not too calm and not too crazy. But, that wouldn't be any fun, would it? Here is Price trying to navigate the stairs. He wants to get up and down them so badly.
And here's Streeter getting after it with the avocado. Don't worry, we don't just sit him all by himself on the table. He can't get enough of this new thing called food.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Street is 6 months

At 6 months Street...

- is sitting up!

- is blowing raspberries and starting to babble

- is growing tired of his bouncer and exersaucer and prefers to be held or on the floor playing

- likes his walker and can get across the room

- is an official tummy sleeper

- doesn't stop moving

- is ready for some solids and started with avocado yesterday for lunch

- wears a sz 9-12 months

- still is as bald as they come

- waved bye-bye (which is so bizarre but I caught it on video....I was asking Price to do it, and Street did it instead)

- wakes up way too much at night to eat

- only has eyes for his mama (which is probably why I have not started working on the above)

- is a gracious gift from the Lord

{6 month chair picture to come...we have been at the ranch all day}
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