Friday, April 8, 2011

Street is 6 months

At 6 months Street...

- is sitting up!

- is blowing raspberries and starting to babble

- is growing tired of his bouncer and exersaucer and prefers to be held or on the floor playing

- likes his walker and can get across the room

- is an official tummy sleeper

- doesn't stop moving

- is ready for some solids and started with avocado yesterday for lunch

- wears a sz 9-12 months

- still is as bald as they come

- waved bye-bye (which is so bizarre but I caught it on video....I was asking Price to do it, and Street did it instead)

- wakes up way too much at night to eat

- only has eyes for his mama (which is probably why I have not started working on the above)

- is a gracious gift from the Lord

{6 month chair picture to come...we have been at the ranch all day}

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