Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Third Eye

It is my life-long mission to make sure my daughter does not get bit by mosquitoes. It is the one thing (among a couple others) that I cannot stand. To think that some disgusting mosquito enjoys the chance to suck the blood out of Ellery's perfect, untainted skin just drives me crazy...and even worse is the fact that babies and toddlers really cannot shoo them away like the rest of us. I don't mind getting bit by them that much but then again mine don't swell up into the size of a goose egg and take months to disappear.
In fact, a couple of months ago when Ellery got hit with the stomach virus that I recently had, she also had about 4 mosquito bites on one foot, which made her entire foot appear swollen and red. She would rub her foot on the carpet or on her crib sheet at night probably because the itching was driving her nuts. Very sad. I took her to the doctor for her virus but also decided to ask about her obvious allergic reaction to bug bites. (I figured it runs in our family because one time Paige got bitten right by her eye and it was completely swollen shut by the next morning). The doctor reassured me that pretty much all babies and young children have the same reaction to bites and that it might not even be an allergy.

So, back to the third eye. I decided to take Ellery for a walk yesterday afternoon to kill some time and really did load her up with bug repellent by California Baby. They make the best - it doesn't smell bad, it is all-natural, and it really seems to work. Well, Nathan is driving up to the garage as we get home and gets out of his car to greet us. He looks at Ellery and mentions that a mosquito bit her right between the eyes. I go to take a look and sure enough it must have been the one place I overlooked when spraying her down.
I was ticked and I spent all night praying that it would not swell up and blind her. When she woke up this morning I was so relieved to see that her vision was not disturbed, but I am pretty sure we will have an extra eye for at least the next month.

Monday, June 25, 2007

One Going on Sixteen!

Something so funny happened today while we were at our weekly gymboree class. Ellery was really hamming it up the entire class but then came the wonderful parachute time. Most of the kids sit on the parachute by their mothers but not my child. In fact, the minute we step into the door at gymboree she takes off and only glances up at me every once and awhile as if to make sure that I am still there. The instructor goes around the room several times and sings catchy little songs with each child's name in them, and Ellery is usually last or forgotten all-together because she is clear across the room climbing a slide or something.
Okay so back to my story. It was parachute time and Ellery goes to the middle of the parachute and sits right in front of Yoki, a cute little Asian boy. The instructor starts blowing bubbles which must have set the mood for young love. Ellery plants a big open-mouthed kiss on Yoki not once, not twice, but three times. She had us all cracking up. Julie and Tiffany were there to witness it. Really though, it was very innocent and sweet and by the end of the class she was freely giving out kisses to everyone. My sweet girl!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Birthday Pictures...finally

The birthday girl's beautiful cake...

The birthday girl enjoying and clapping for her cake...

The birthday girl sharing her cake with Ella...

The birthday girl surverying all of her gifts...

The birthday girl enjoying her new baby pool...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Week in Review

We have been keeping busy but there hasn't been something really significant to blog about. So I will just share with you some random happenings at our household:

Monday - I am still recovering from my bug. I had gone into "frenzy mode" as Nathan likes to call it (it usually happens around bedtime, I decide to start a major project such as cleaning out my closet) sanitizing our house. It turns out that my mother-in-law got the bug while staying at our house this past weekend, so I am positive that germs are just lurking around. I wash all of the sheets, santize toys, mop the floors, etc. etc. Why can't they just make a spray can where you can sanitize your entire house with the push of a button? That would be a good invention. Anyways, as long as I am doing the house I decide to tackle my car too. I find a GNC shaker lying around in the garage. (Nathan makes a protein shake and takes it with him to work every morning on his quest to get lean and mean). I bring it in to wash it out in the sink and find the most disgusting thing I think I have seen in awhile. (Also keep in mind that the last 24 hours I had spent hugging the toilet.) Little white worms squirming around the leftover protein shake! I had no idea what they were until my friend Julie informed me that they are Maggots!!! I probably took 5 showers Monday morning and said some mean things to my husband that were semi-uncalled for.

Tuesday - Ellery's first day of Mother's Day out. And I think MDO took a field trip to a nearby nail salon. Ellery came home speaking in what sounded like a foreign language, something similar to the conversations I overhear from my Vietnamese friends that do my wonderful mani and pedi . It is hilarious! In all seriousness I think she is trying to put syllables together, and she might just bust out a full sentence any day now.

Wednesday - Our first day of swim lessons. Wow! As I was driving home from lessons and lunch, my car gas light comes on. And I think to myself, "Running on empty! - This should be my quote for the day." Cheesy I know. Between trying to get a one year old to swim lessons in Sharpstown, double-diapering her (a swim lesson policy) more than once with those snug swim diapers, feeling like I endured a 30-minute water aerobics class myself, and listening to her scream the whole way to Chick-fil-a because she is famished and parched (from inhaling too much salt water) - I go a little crazy. Next time we are packing a lunch and having a picnic in the car. Swim lessons were great though and I was very impressed with the organization and teaching. It is definitely going to challenge both of us - as I hated swim lessons as a child and could not swim 2 laps today without doggie paddling.

Thursday - Neighborhood drama that is just too much to post. They should make a reality series about our street. Oh and I looked up today and saw Ellery WALKING towards me! She has taken a few steps before but not without my prompting. She is getting to be such a big girl. Sometimes I feel like she completely "gets" what I am talking about to her in the car as she will laugh or mimic something I say. I love my little pal!

Okay well that is the beginning of our week in review! I guess I had more things happen than I originally thought!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Birthday Party and the ER

What a crazy weekend! We had Ellery's birthday party on Saturday at my parent's house. It was so much fun! Ellery had a great time seeing family and friends, opening gifts, swimming in the pool for about 10 minutes until the thunder and lightening began, and eating her own miniature birthday cake. We have about 85 pictures from the party so I will post a few once I sort through them.

Saturday was also the night of my ten-year highschool reunion. Unfortunately, I only got to stay for a whole 10 minutes. Seems I came down with the horrible stomach virus that has been being passed around Houston. was awful. I literally have not felt that bad in probably 10 years. At about 4am, Nathan decided it was time to make an ER visit because things were not slowing down (I am trying to go into as little detail as possible). So, instead of having fun at my reunion and catching up with old friends, I found myself at the ER with an IV of morphine and something else that seemed to do the trick.

I am feeling much better today after being in a morphine coma all day yesterday. Sorry for anyone I may have phoned or emailed...I have very little recollection of anything that went on.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Round 2

Today we went to the Picture People for round 2 of birthday pictures. A friend of ours had their little girl's picture taken in the #1 box and Nathan couldn't stop talking about it. She smiled the entire time of course - the place with no sitting fees, only semi-professionals, and white backgrounds. Oh well, I do love that you walk out with your pictures in hand, and I must say our photographer did a pretty good job.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Girl!

Today is our little girl's 1st birthday! I can't believe it. A year ago today I was at the hospital, filled with so much excitement and anticipation (and VERY eager to not be pregnant a minute longer)! This really has been the best year of my life thus far, and I truly treasure the family that the Lord has blessed us with. In honor of Ellery's birthday I made a list of the top 10 things I adore about her:

1. Your big brown eyes that are so expressive and those long, beautiful lashes that anyone would kill for!
2. The way you "dance" (really you rock) to any music that comes on. Your favorite song right now is "Buzz,Buzz".
3. When you lay your head on my shoulder after a long day, after dozing off in the car, or when you are acting shy around a stranger. You are not a cuddler, so I treasure these moments.
4. The way you LOVE animals, especially your dog Colby. We love him too.
5. When I am singing in the car and I glance back at you smiling or laughing. Thanks for loving my songs, especially all of the random made-up ones I love to sing to you.
6. Your soft skin and dimpled bottom. I love my chunky monkey!
7. When only mom will do. I know it will not always be this way so I am soaking it up. Thanks for loving me.
8. The way you are little miss independent. I can appreciate this although sometimes it makes for some tough days.
9. Afternoon naps...thank you Lord!
10. You are my social butterfly. You love new people and places. You love to give open-mouth kisses and you have so much LIFE in you. I pray this never changes.

I could go on and on, but these are the ones off the top of my head.

Today for Ellery's birthday we went and had our pictures made. Needless to say, it was not the best experience. We decided to do some family ones outside and it was HOT! Ellery got bit by mosquitoes even though I sprayed her down with bug repellent, and she was not happy with us for our wardrobe choices - a tutu, party hat, bows, etc. etc. I am just hoping for one good shot.

Hopefully the rest of the day will be more pleasant! And we are looking forward to the big celebration on Saturday.
Here is a picture we took this morning after facing her carseat forward (as you can see her toy of choice these days is her mylicon bottle)...what a big girl!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Baseball and Birthdays

We had a busy weekend! Friday night we took Ellery to the A&M vs. Rice baseball game with our friends Craft and Joanna. We were a little hesitant to take her because she usually goes to bed around 7:30 and we knew we wouldn't be home until about 9:30 or 10. But, we decided to go for it! Plus, I figured this would be one of my only chances to put her in an A&M outfit. Only problem was that when I looked through her closet, it seemed she had out grown all of them. So sad!! There are still plenty of Longhorn dresses, but no Aggie duds. Turns out, Ellery had a great time at the game charming everyone sitting around us, making a mess of the snacks we brought, and clapping (her new favorite activity)! She even surprised us by sleeping until 8am on Saturday morning....yipee!

Saturday was Madikate's 1st birthday party. She is Ellery's other bff and we love her dearly. Ellery enjoyed swimming and of course, tearing into her piece of cake. Here is a picture of the birthday girl digging into her red velvet cake:

Ellery got REALLY excited watching MK eat. I guess she can spot cake now. Uh oh (as Ellery has been saying lately).

And last, but certainly not least, Sunday was Colby's 6th birthday. We love our Colby-man, even though today Nathan forgot to put him in his "house" before church, and he marked his spot throughout OUR house several times. Happy Birthday Fatty!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Random Thursday Post

Okay, so I might have been a little bored today. I took Ellery to my mom and dad's house so that we could go on an afternoon walk. I could get some exercise and Ellery could have fun pointing at all the trees, people, and dogs. There were plenty of trees to point out but not a single person or dog on this usually hoppin jogging trail. Why, you ask? Because it was 4pm in the afternoon and the temperature in my car said 100 degrees! And I am convinced the heat index was 120. Just go ahead and hand me the "Mother of the Year" award.

When I took Ellery out of her jogging stroller, her hair was so sweaty that it had curled up into adorable little ringlets. This got me wondering...was my hair curly like this at her age? I mean, I definitely did not get blessed with the board-straight hair genes, but I cannot remember a time when I sported ringlets. And I am pretty sure that Nathan had stick-straight blond hair when he was a toddler.

So....because we were at my parents' house I got out the picture albums. My mom just happens to be the most organized person you will ever meet and has all of our pictures in matching, labeled albums in a special picture room. I am surprised that they are not in a fire-proof vault because I specifically remember Paige and I running out of our "burning" house as teenagers with all the picture albums we could possibly carry. Turns out our house was not on fire....but IF it had been ...we would still have all of our treasured memories, thanks to my mom's organization. If my house today was to catch on fire, I would not make it out alive trying to gather all of our pictures from various rooms.

I grabbed just a few pictures from my 1-year birthday party. As you can see, I did not have half the hair that Ellery has so it is hard to tell. But I did find myself doing a double take on a few of the pics, thinking they looked so much like Elle. Some people tell us that she is my "mini-me" while others see no resemblance and think she looks exactly like her handsome father.

To see the hair a little more, I had to venture on to my 14 1/2 month-old pics:

Looks like she has my hair! Thank goodness for her, naturally wavy hair is back in-style. And if it ever goes out again, there is always the chi!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Ella Grace!

Saturday was Ella Grace's 1st birthday party and it was so much fun! Ella is one of Ellery's very best friends. In fact, they are more like sisters since rarely a day goes by that they don't spend time together. We have been incredibly blessed to have such wonderful friends with children the same age.

Ellery had a great time playing in the balls, eating cake, swinging in their new caterpillar swing, and watching Ella parade around like she knew that it was her special day. Ella even tried to feed Ellery some of her birthday that is a SWEET friend! Here are some pictures:

The birthday girl swipes a bow from Ellery.

"Aunt" Julie has so many cool toys!

Swinging with friend Carter (and pointing at her new word "tree")
Happy Birthday Ella! We love you!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Going on the party circuit...

Stay tuned for lots of great pictures. The next couple of weeks Ellery will be making the rounds of birthday parties and then finish strong with one for her on June 16th. Seriously, she has more of a social life as a soon-to-be one year old than I do.

On another note, I wanted to throw this out there: Our Pastor at Houston's First Baptist Church, Gregg Matte, will be doing a six-week series on "Why?". He will cover the tough questions of Christianity such as creation and suffering. I encourage anyone who wants to learn more or seek answers to attend or even listen to the sermons on the website...

Have a wonderful weekend.
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