Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Third Eye

It is my life-long mission to make sure my daughter does not get bit by mosquitoes. It is the one thing (among a couple others) that I cannot stand. To think that some disgusting mosquito enjoys the chance to suck the blood out of Ellery's perfect, untainted skin just drives me crazy...and even worse is the fact that babies and toddlers really cannot shoo them away like the rest of us. I don't mind getting bit by them that much but then again mine don't swell up into the size of a goose egg and take months to disappear.
In fact, a couple of months ago when Ellery got hit with the stomach virus that I recently had, she also had about 4 mosquito bites on one foot, which made her entire foot appear swollen and red. She would rub her foot on the carpet or on her crib sheet at night probably because the itching was driving her nuts. Very sad. I took her to the doctor for her virus but also decided to ask about her obvious allergic reaction to bug bites. (I figured it runs in our family because one time Paige got bitten right by her eye and it was completely swollen shut by the next morning). The doctor reassured me that pretty much all babies and young children have the same reaction to bites and that it might not even be an allergy.

So, back to the third eye. I decided to take Ellery for a walk yesterday afternoon to kill some time and really did load her up with bug repellent by California Baby. They make the best - it doesn't smell bad, it is all-natural, and it really seems to work. Well, Nathan is driving up to the garage as we get home and gets out of his car to greet us. He looks at Ellery and mentions that a mosquito bit her right between the eyes. I go to take a look and sure enough it must have been the one place I overlooked when spraying her down.
I was ticked and I spent all night praying that it would not swell up and blind her. When she woke up this morning I was so relieved to see that her vision was not disturbed, but I am pretty sure we will have an extra eye for at least the next month.


Bebe said...

So sorry to know that the mosquito broke the security blockade, but if anyone can look adorable with three eyes, I am sure Ellery can and did!

cindy gatewood said...

I agree with BEBE!!

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