Monday, July 2, 2007

The Weekend and More

Thursday night Nathan and I contemplated making a quick trip to Dallas to visit my sister and her husband. Ellery had her shots that day so we decided that we would wait and see how she felt Friday morning before making our decision. Friday morning came and Ellery seemed well so we were in the car and on our way by 8am. Paige and Taylor just moved into a new house in Colleyville and we have been meaning to get up there to see it. For being sleep-deprived and having just had 4 shots the day before, Ellery did wonderful and we all had a great time. It was great seeing where they "do" daily life!

On another note, today is a little sad. Ellery is officially done with her bottles. It is now only sippy cups. She is not really digging the whole milk in a cup thing, but I am sure it is only a matter of time. She has never really been that "into" her bottles like some babies. Hopefully it will be a smooth transition. I was trying to think of creative ways for her to get some milk intake, so I decided to teach her the art of dipping her cookies in milk. And it was a hit! After the cookies were gone, Ellery decided she would dip everything in milk- you name it, it was dipped. Green beans, strawberries, graham crackers, peas,...etc. etc. I am teaching her wonderful table manners, I know. And I forgot to mention that Ellery has started using the sign language for "more". I was an overachiever mom at the beginning of her life and tried to teach her the basics of signing because I thought it would raise her IQ or something. I quickly found out it was more trouble than it was worth and decided she was doing fine communicating by grunting and whining. Well,a few days ago out of the blue she surprised me with "more" and has been signing it since. It was a very proud moment! So tonight, there was a lot of "more" signing going on during dinner.


Kristyn said...

Love your blog and reading about what's going on with y'all. TTYL!!

Boundbrook Lane said...

Ellery sound so cute. . I wish I could spend some time with her.. . and I feel your pain about the mosquitos! Hope has 12 bites from one bug that found her while she was waiting for us to load up the car this morning! Ugh!

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