Monday, July 23, 2007

A Trip to the Lake

We just got back from a fun week at the lake! Nathan had some business to do in Austin, so the whole family (minus Colby) headed up to A-town for a little fun in the sun. Actually, the sun really did not make an appearance until our last day, Sunday. Oh well, it is just nice to be at the lake and have a change of pace.
Our friends also joined us which makes for even more fun. Julie and Ella drove up with us on Wednesday, and I have to say it was the worst car ride with the girls we have ever experienced. Our plan was to take them to their swim lessons and then load them in the car. Our thinking was burning energy swimming + nap time = sleepy toddlers and happy moms and dad in the car. Well, it backfired. We had such sleepy girls that they couldn't sleep. And to make matters worse, Ellery learned to blow bubbles at swim lessons which is great, but turns out that saltwater (the pool is a saltwater one) is not good on the stomach. Our instructor kept telling me to make sure she blows OUT when blowing bubbles because the water has been known to do a number on some kiddos. Please tell me how you explain to a 1 year-old the need to blow out when blowing bubbles...I mean really! I was just so excited that she was so excited and had mastered the concept. Okay, so back to the road trip. We had to literally pull off the side of the road in order for me to get Ellery out of her car seat to calm her down. She kept gagging and Julie was getting nervous of what might come (she is not good with sounds nor smells). When I got out of the car with her, I saw a snake! I jumped 10 feet and hopped so fast back into the car. Turns out it was a plastic one....mean trick whoever decided to leave it on the side of the road. After Ellery calmed down somewhat, it was Ella's turn for drama. And the drama continued and continued until we pulled up to the lake house.

Things got better and the four girls managed to have a good time despite lousy weather. Here is how we spent our time:
E &E loved playing in the toy boxes more than with the actual toys.
Watching videos on the big screen. Unfortunately I don't think we will be taking them to the movies anytime soon - it kept their attention for maybe 4 minutes.
Ellery found a new love - nectarines!

Ellery and her shoe obsession (like mother like daughter)

On Saturday, Ella's dad and the Meltons joined us. And on Sunday, we actually got to get the girls out in the boat for the first time. They loved it, except for the obnoxious, marshmallow-like life jackets. I can't wait to get Ellery out on the trainer skis!
E's first boat ride!

Wild hair

Lunch at Ski Shores!

We can't wait to go back! Ellery has been saying "Ella" all day today and I am sure she would be saying "Madikate" too if she had her m's down!

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