Thursday, October 28, 2010


For a really long time, my family has teased me about my "kristen-isms". It's true, I sometimes make up words and get phrases mixed up.

Well, Ellery has a couple funny words that I don't want to forget.

"hanitizer" for hand-sanitizer (in my opinion, it's a much better, more functional word)

"hang-a-burger" for hamburger

I know there are others too..she's so funny.

And then there are the very creative stories she makes up. Here is one from today.

"Once upon a time there was a house. It had a park right by it. There were 5 people in the house. They went outside and saw a hurricane and tornado.
The sun started to shine. So they decided to go play in the park. The tornado and hurricane decided to go to Wichita."

It was complete with pictures. A house with lots of clouds and lines through it and then a pretty house with the sun shining.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

thoughts from a sleep-deprived mom

having a newborn is a lot of work...why do we forget this?

street weighed 10 lbs, 6 oz last friday. the dr said he didn't need to eat every 4 hrs at night. he has been waking up about every 2-3 hrs to eat at night. am i a bad mom for letting him cry 5 min last night in an attempt to get him to go back to sleep without eating? it was out of desperation and it worked.

i so desperately want price to talk. the crying is getting very old. i think i am treating him more like a toddler now that we have a baby in the house. i decided if i treat him like a baby, he will act like one.

wow, i sound like a mean mom. we really are doing great. street fits right in.

yesterday i asked nathan if i could die from no sleep. he said yes.

i was off therapy duty for 2 weeks but it starts again this week. price was so happy when i picked him up on monday. it made me feel so good.

price is very interested in his baby brother all of a sudden. i see the beginnings of a life-long friendship. we have been praying constantly for price's healing and development. why do i feel like street is just part of the Lord's answering of that prayer?

speaking of price, his lumbar puncture went just fine last week. we won't get results for months. there is only one place in the entire usa that tests for what we are testing for.

i have been doing alot of late night thinking about suffering. i came to the realization that suffering will never end here on earth. i always knew this but it really hit me. it makes me long for Jesus to return.

nathan and i have been doing a lot of talking about price and our hopes and prayers for him. i said we are running a marathon. i don't care when we get to the finish line, i just want to get there. nathan corrected me and said we are walking the marathon. so true!

ellery is sounding out every word she says lately. it's funny and awesome to see her learning more and more each day. i am just crazy about her.

poor street..i am watching him like a hawk. is he smiling? is his head control okay? etc. etc. i have to remind myself that he is only 2 weeks old. i kind of want to fast forward to a year old and see him walking but then i know i need to take it one day at a time and enjoy him.

i hope to post pictures of streeter tomorrow. what a blessing.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

No stone unturned

Nathan, Ellery, and I are adjusting quite well to life with a new little one around. Ellery loves on her little brother and is so much more helpful and understanding this time around at 4 years old. Believe me, if anyone was cut out to be a big sister to TWO brothers, she is! She will have these boys in line in no time!

Price, on the other hand, is not handling the transition quite as well. He is a very sensitive child and while he cannot communicate what he is feeling with words, he communicates in so many other ways that he's just not sure about these changes. Poor guy. This morning he wouldn't even acknowledge my presence while I was holding about making this mama sad. I know it's just an adjustment period but it has me a little heartbroken at the moment. On top of a new brother, he is cutting his molars.

Street is such a blessing. He's feisty and sweet all at the same time. I am trying to savor even the long nights. He had his first photo session yesterday and I can't wait to share pictures. Unfortunately my ones from his birthday are really not ones I would like to share with the Internet world. Natural labor looks a whole lot different than the smiling, hair-done epidural pictures.

Life just keeps moving. Price is having his lumbar puncture tomorrow morning. He will be sedated for it. It's just something we need to do - even if it's just to rule something else out. Unfortunately, I don't think I am going to be with him at the hospital during the procedure which is creating even more mommy guilt. Street and I are just a bit attached and I do not think the hospital is a great place for an almost 2 week old.

Happier days!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Monday, October 11, 2010


Street Michael
9 lbs 7.1 oz
21 inches
I want to write Street's birth story before I forget the details. Friday I woke up and decided enough is enough. I was tired, swollen, and very over the pregnancy. I decided I would do everything in my power to get labor started but ultimately put it in the Lord's hands. Nathan and I had been attending birth classes and I was so determined to have a different birth experience this time around. Not that my other two births disappointed me in anyway and I can't really explain it, I just knew the Lord was doing something new this time.
So back to Friday...I walked Ellery to school that morning and just kept walking. Friday night I sat on an exercise ball doing all sorts of stretches I thought might help. Oh and on Thursday night, I went to see a chiropractor and had a massage.
At 10:30 on Friday night, I mentioned to Nathan that it kind of felt like my water had broken. I couldn't decide and ultimately decided I must have just peed on myself a little (pretty, I know). I decided to go to bed and just see what happened. At about 3:30am, I woke up to some cramping and that's when I knew labor had started. I called my midwife and told her my contractions were about 4-5 minutes apart but not too intense. She didn't want us to wait too long at home because this was my 3rd baby and there was a high possibility he/she could come really fast.
We took our time. Nathan showered, I finished packing us up, I went upstairs and kissed my two lovies, Nathan's mom arrived at our house to stay with the kids, and off we went. My contractions were still close together in the car and never let up, however, I was a little worried I would get to the hospital and it would be false labor or I would still be 1 cm dilated. I was pretty confident my water did break (although it wasn't that big gush you see in the movies) and felt better about waking my midwife up and getting her to the hospital so early on her BIRTHDAY!

We got to our labor and delivery room and waited on midwife Titi to arrive. She checked me and said I was 4-5 cm dilated and about 90% effaced. Phew... some progress. At about 7 am, her shift was over and another midwife Debbie arrived. I somehow always knew Debbie would be the one to deliver this baby. She was the one who gave us the "bad" news about our 20 week ultrasound and she even called me over the weekend to see how I was holding up until I could see the specialist the next week. Our personalities just clicked. My nurse Melissa was also wonderful. I had met her at my non-stress test in the hospital on Tuesday and she requested to be my nurse. The Lord hand-picked these precious ladies.

Debbie, Melissa, and I walked the halls, stopping for each contraction. When Debbie checked me at about 11am, she said I had made a little progress. She didn't think my water had fully broken and said that it would help get things really moving forward. After she broke my water, things got intense. I labored in the bathtub and on the birthing ball, the birthing ball being the best. My mom and sister came in the room to see me and while I was so happy they were there, it was hard. I actually teared up a bit when I saw them.

Debbie checked me again at about 12 pm and said that she thought this baby was not going to come down on his/her own without some help. She guessed that we might have a bigger baby on our hands. She decided to help me out (I will spare you the details) while I pushed a little. This is when I decided enough was enough. I was in so much pain. I wanted her hand out of me and I wanted this baby out. I told her to stop and that I needed a break. She gave me that "break" but what she did worked and I couldn't help but keep pushing. She later told me she saved me hours of labor. Nathan gave me an eye-to-eye pep talk and I realized that the only way to get through this was to push this baby out. I put my hands on the baby's head and at 12:42 pm, Street Michael entered this world. His shoulder got stuck a little and we soon realized why...he weighed 9 lbs, 7.1 oz! Nathan helped deliver him and declared "It's a boy. It's Street" with tears in his eyes. In an instant all the pain and discomfort turned to joy and relief. The baby nurse placed him on my chest, we let his cord pulsate, and he was given Apgars of 8 and 9. He stayed with me for about an hour before the nurse took him to be weighed and examined. Our baby boy was here and he was healthy and he was perfect. He has Price's light hair and maybe eyes and his nose and mouth look like Ellerys. At least that's our opinion as of today.

I am pretty sure I told Nathan I was never doing that again, EVER. He was my biggest supporter...he was incredible throughout it all. I love him even more after experiencing Street's birth together. The Lord has been gracious to us...that is how I have been feeling all weekend. He was gracious to give us the birth experience we had prayed for and so gracious to give us this healthy little guy after such an initial scare. Our "growth restricted baby" was not growth restricted in anyway. Gracious.

This is a long post with lots of run on sentences but I didn't want to forget anything. We are all doing well, just tired. Ellery is thrilled with her new baby brother and even though she had her sights set on a baby girl, she knows that God has given us what we needed. She is helping already and sweetly smothering him. Price just looks at Street and smiles. And when Street cries, Price's lips quiver and he looks like he might burst into tears as well. Brotherly love I guess.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who wants a coke? (and a baby update)

I went to the hospital today for a non-stress test to check up on baby. Everything sounded great! My midwife was debating on giving me a medicine to help get this baby moving down and labor started, however, after much discussion we both decided against it. We are going to give my body more time to do its thing and if there is no baby by Sunday, we will have an induction on Monday. The standard is 40 weeks with our cord-issue and while I would be willing to go another week or so, I am trusting the doctor on this one.

I am so peaceful about it all and know the Lord has the perfect time and day for the arrival of this much-loved little one.

In the meantime, I am walking, walking, walking. In fact, if you saw a huge pregnant lady and a certain 4 year old walking down a busy street was me and Ellery. Ellery has become quite the entrepreneur lately and wants to sell everything from art work to water to random household items. Today, she decided she wanted to sell cans of coke. At first I said no (I don't want to be the crazy neighbor) but then I thought back to my childhood. I was just like her! So we came up with a plan to give cokes away to people we saw in the neighborhood. She would be satisfied and I could get some walking in. We carried around a diaper box of cokes and handed them out one by one. There are several houses under construction and the workers had huge smiles on their faces when Ellery presented them with an ice-cold coke. One man gave her a dollar and that really made her day. We could have been a coca-cola commerical now that I think about it.

I am off to eat some spicy chili for dinner. And maybe some pineapple for dessert. Isn't that the old-wives tale about labor-inducing food?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Getting stronger

No baby news. I have had an increasing amount of contractions each day and have been trying to get in some walking to hopefully help get this labor thing started, but nothing real significant to report. I suppose Nathan missed Texas/OU weekend for nothing, although I'm not really sure he would have enjoyed it considering the outcome.

Price is really gaining some arm strength. He has started to push up on his arms and scoot himself back. Nathan will get on the floor with him and they do push-ups together. He even got himself into a sitting position from his tummy. It's amazing to me how all of the little pieces have to come together to get our body to move in a certain way. When I watch 2 year olds at the park, I'm in complete awe. We know that crawling will open up a whole new world for Price, as pulling up is pretty impossible to do while on your stomach (and believe me, he tries). It's so encouraging to see him gain new skills and strength. Your prayers for Price mean so much to our family! All of the glory to the Lord!

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