Wednesday, September 5, 2012

And they are off...

All 3 are officially now back in school.  Ellery started Kindergarten a few weeks ago and is loving every minute of it.  All summer she prayed for a good friend to be in her class this year.  We even did a prayer walk around the school.  The first day came and as Ellery sat down in her new classroom she told me, "The Lord said no.  That's okay, mom.  I will make new friends."  In a matter of days, she was telling me stories about her new best friends.   
Fast forward to this week.  One of our closest family friends decided to send their little girl to Ellery's school and we found out that she was placed in Ellery's class.  It was a neat surprise and blessing.  When we told E the news she was able to say, "The Lord did say yes.  He actually said wait."  I love how faithful the Lord is, even to my 6 year old little girl.  He not only put a close friend in her class, he put one of her BEST friends.

 Price started back to school a couple weeks ago too, after a short summer break.  He has his same teachers and classroom as last year and it's perfect for our boy.  He even started taking naps on a nap mat this year, which I am hoping will transition to a big boy bed (or even just a mattress) in the near future.  Price totally got the short end of the stick with first day pics.
 And then my baby started a 2 days-a-week program today.  This was definitely the hardest one for me.  I truly missed him all day.  The house was so very quiet.

Street did great and even napped at school.  He did not want to leave when I came to pick him up, which is a pretty good sign it was a success.  He is going to the same little preschool that Ellery went to, and I have to say it is pretty sweet to walk through those doors again.  I am so thankful to the Lord for allowing to us to get to experience it all again.  

Here's to a great school year!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy 4th birthday, Bro-bro!

Bro bro,

I woke up on your birthday praising the Lord for your life.  So much good has come out of your 4 years on this earth.  You are so perfectly and wonderfully made.  We make a big deal out of birthdays in this family, and yours was no exception.  You woke up to a balloon (there is a national helium shortage, haven't you heard?), powdered donuts, and to your family belting out the birthday song.  You smiled so big and seemed so pleased with your one balloon.  I love that about you.  You are such a simple boy and find so much joy in simple things.

You went to school on your birthday and were loved on by your incredible teachers.  They threw you a party on Friday.  Your four girl classmates showered you with gifts and wore what I guess to be your favorite color, blue.  Your teachers love you so much and always tell me what a happy boy you are.  You keep them smiling and laughing throughout the day.  You are sunshine, sweet boy, to so many.

We took you to your favorite dinner place, Pappa's Burgers.  You downed a vanilla milkshake and hamburger and smiled contently throughout your entire meal.  We gave you gifts when we arrived home. Ellery picked out a cool Star Wars shirt for you and dad and I gave you a mini trampoline.  Your brother and sister are always jumping, whether on the floor or on a mattress, and I so badly wanted you to feel what it's like to really jump.  You seemed so thrilled, especially when Ellery bounced with you.

In Austin this weekend, we celebrated again with your Lulu and Poppy, Bebe and Pops, and Aunt Meredith.  Ellery and I decorated the lake house with dinosaurs, and we had fun watching you attempt to blow out your candle and open more gifts.

Price, we are so proud to call you ours.  I can't imagine our family without you and the things that make you different.  Honestly, I used to feel some sadness on your birthdays.  Sadness that you were turning another year and that it meant you were that much further behind.  But, praise God, this year was different.  I felt nothing but joy.  You are your own 4.  And I love your 4.

We are praying big things for this 4th year, my blue-eyed boy.  Happy birthday!

mama (Did I tell you how thrilled I am that this word has come out of your mouth so clearly twice now?  There is nothing better, my boy.)

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