Friday, September 30, 2011

Thankful Friday

I'm thankful for an easy casting appointment yesterday with Price. We are thankful for the fact that he is finally ready for some AFO's (ankle foot orthotics) to help him with his standing.

I'm also thankful for this little Blue's Clues book he is holding that brings him so much joy. It has already been duct-taped several times in an attempt to save it. Nathan and I really think Price said "blue" yesterday at the appointment. It was so clear, but when we asked him to say it again, he just smiled. I was a little ticked with the thought of his first word being "blue", but how could I be nothing but thankful for a first word?

Most importantly, I am thankful for a Savior whose plans prevail. And I look forward to the day I see how all the puzzle pieces have come together for His glory.

Many are the plans in the mind of a man,
but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand. Proverbs 19:21

Monday, September 26, 2011


I rarely blog this much in a week. But, kids are in bed, lunches are packed, Nathan is at a movie with the boys, and I am waiting on some hard-boiled eggs to finish up on the stove.

I was pointed by John Knight to an article by Elizabeth Elliot. It's such a great article that speaks to the heart of disability and is written in part by Judy Squier, who was born without legs. Here are a few of the standouts for me.

Judy writes, "...A birth defect by God's grace does not rob childhood of its wonder, nor is a child burdened by high expectations. Given a supportive, creative, and loving family, I know personally that I enjoyed not a less-than-average life nor an average life, but as I've told many, my life has been not ordinary but extraordinary."

She goes on to say, "I am convinced without a doubt that a loving Heavenly Father oversees the creative miracles in the inner sanctum of each mother's womb {Psalm 139}, and that in His sovereignty there are no accidents."

And this is my favorite...."What we judge to be tragic - the most dreaded thing that could happen, I expect we'll one day see as awesome reason for the beauty and uniqueness of our life and family."

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Green Machines

Can I play too, coach?

Dad helped out with drills

More pictures to come from Team Green Machine. It was the cutest thing! Ellery loved being on a team with her friends MadiKate and Ella. (Her coach, Coach Hendee, was actually my sister's soccer coach when she was little and played for a season.) The girl doesn't know a thing about soccer, but she caught on and gave it her all. I asked her if she had a good time, and her reply was, "I got pretty sweaty." That's our girl.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

PT is hard work

Monday, September 19, 2011

Funny man

This boy is funny. We hear it from everyone. "Street just makes me laugh."

He wouldn't take his daddy's hat off. I would try to grab it off his head and he would put it right back on.

The other day I walked into the house and Street looked at me, spit out his pacifier, and walked to the glider in his room. He was on a mission and would check back every now and then to make sure I was following. He put his hand on the glider, looked at me, and started patting the chair. He was telling me it was time to eat. He calls it "nigh nigh".

When I tell him that something is hot, he blows raspberries, like he's trying to cool whatever it is off. He thinks he is hilarious.

He gets so much joy out of water fountains, stairs, the dishwasher and cabinets. So this is what little 11 month old boys like to do? He walks so fast we are sure he is going to lose his balance at any moment, but somehow he manages. I love chasing him around (most of the time).

He loves to carry random objects from one end of the house to another, especially phone chargers, remotes, dad's belts, and shoes. He also likes to "brush" Ellery's hair and pat Price on the head. Maybe he's seen me do this before? He's not a big fan of people going in and out the door to the garage, unless he's a part of the action. He buries his head on my shoulder if someone asks him to come to them.

He calls Price Bro-Bro and it is the sweetest thing. Today I watched Ellery get protective over her littlest brother. Some "older" boys at school were being goofy and trying to get S to smile, and she kind of hovered over him, making sure he was alright. She told me later she didn't like those boys at all. (Except she did say one was kind of cute.)

I'm thankful funny man has a big sister that looks out for him and for the gift of laughter that he brings to our family!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Deep thoughts {Unedited}

Well, it seems ever since my last post on praying big, that the Lord has significantly increased my hope and belief. Almost every day this past week, I read or heard something that spoke so perfectly to my heart on this subject.

Price was sick this past week. He was out of school most of the week and just not himself. Having a nonverbal, sick 3 year old is no fun. I found myself at times thinking that this could be the beginning of Price getting worse. We have been told several times that what he "has" could be degenerative, and although Nathan and I really don't think it is, it's a hard comment to just ignore. We saw the "spark" gone from his little eyes for a couple of days (as it does in so many typical kids when they are sick) and I at times wondered if it would come back. I thought about him losing skills that he had worked so hard to accomplish as I saw his movements get a little crazy and his body get stiffer. I didn't allow my mind to dwell on these things at all. They were just quick, fleeting thoughts. Horrible thoughts and total lies.

One night this week, Nathan and I were talking about how the suffering we have experienced has brought us more peace and joy than we have ever known. I remembered my days of anxiously pouring over the internet looking for anything that would help us "fix" our baby. I remembered the anxious calls to the doctors, the days where I could think of nothing but what was wrong with my child. At some point though and by the grace of God, I relinquished my control over the situation. I guess you could say I crossed a threshold where either I could just drown in my anxiousness and obsession with my child OR I could LIVE and experience peace by trusting my sorrow, my grief, my anxiety to HIM. Entrusting HIM with my children, knowing the plan He has is good.

This morning in Sunday school we had a time of prayer at the end. I haven't been to Sunday school in quite some time because of Street, and it felt so great to be back and see so many new faces. As we shared prayer requests, tears starting flowing, walls came down, and couples started sharing their real lives. The suffering was so evident. It came in every shape and form. Abuse, depression, death, pain, children. We laid hands on others and prayed for each request. Friends who had been through similar struggles and pain were able to minister to those beginning to walk the same road. It was simply beautiful.

All this to say (and in a very roundabout and unedited way), that we hold onto the hope and belief that the Lord can work miracles. We trust that He can bring that which doesn't exist into existence. We have faith in the One that with a word can change a situation or outcome. We also know that our suffering is part of a greater plan and purpose. We have confidence that it gives us a testimony. It allows us to pour our lives into others going through similar circumstances. All of the saints suffered. The surrendering of our lives to Jesus, produces in us a peace and joy that can only be found in Him. It provides us with a hope unlike any other. It provides us with a peace and rest knowing that this world has nothing for us. That we are made for something so much greater and that we are not yet home.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy." (Romans 15:13)

{Oh, and by the way, Price's sparkle did indeed come back. He is back to being himself and the little star that he is.}

Sunday, September 11, 2011

11 months and praying big

As I write this, Nathan is at the ER with Price. His breathing just kept getting worse on our car ride home from Austin today, and we decided he most likely needed a breathing treatment and steroid. Price is such a healthy boy and rarely sick, and it's so sad to see him fighting an illness, especially because he can't communicate what is happening or what exactly feels bad.

I didn't want to forget to write about my lesson in faith like a child that I mentioned earlier this week. Ellery brings home a Bible memory verse each week and is expected to recite it to her teacher on Friday. This past week's verse was, "Hear my cry, O God, listen to my prayer" Psalms 61:1. We talked a little about the verse on Monday and then decided we would pray for something very specific this week. I asked Ellery what she wanted to pray for her and she answered, "Price." We pray for Price obviously quite a bit in this household and I wanted to make sure and let her know it was okay to pray for something different, or even something that had to do with her. She said no, that she wanted to pray for Price and that she was going to ask the Lord to let him talk. I am ashamed of this, but my initial thought was to ask her to pray for something a little "less big", something that I knew He would answer. I wanted to see my girl's prayers answered this week. We had been talking at home and they had been talking at school about how the Lord hears us and answers prayer...and I so wanted this for her.

We went ahead and prayed for Price to talk and I knew that this little lesson/discussion on prayer was more for me, not for Ellery. The Lord was teaching me to expect more, that I could continue to pray for the big things. That He still hears me and that He still answers. I "pray big" for others and I need to continue to pray expectantly for my boy.

Price didn't miraculously talk this week, but we can still hold onto the hope that we will one day hear his voice. There really is nothing I want more for him in terms of ability. Sure, walking would be great, better than great. But, to hear his thoughts, his dreams, his perception of the world...that would be the greatest. I could never hear too many "mamas" from my sweet boy.

Speaking of saying "mama", Streeter turned 11 months on Saturday. Goodness, he's a handful. He makes us laugh, keeps us on our toes, makes us crazy, keeps us smitten...all at the same time. He now walks way more than he crawls. We have a walker. What a gift!
He loves to sit in what we call a "catcher position" and has a thing for wires and anything electrical. At the lake this past weekend, we found a remote control in the bath tub and Ellery's hair brush in the trash can. Did I mention he's a handful?! We love our little brother.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some pictures

It's football season and that means many trips to Austin for our family. It's so fun. The kids love it and we get to see family friends that meet up with us each year at the games. This year is a little crazy because I am chasing a certain almost-11th month old everywhere (yes, he's walking...that's a whole other post though), and Price wants to pull up on everything, climb the stairs, and slide down the stairs face first. As you can imagine, I saw exactly 0 minutes of the game.
We love Lulu.
Crazy picture but our gang is obviously on the left and Elin and Lincoln are on the right. They belong to family friends we've known since we were babies. Elin and Lincoln's grandparents have two girls, Paige and Megan, who we took almost every trip with when we were growing up. These two cuties belong to Megan, and Paige has two adorable boys that couldn't make the game. My sister, Paige, is named after this Paige. (Are you still with me?) Elin and Ellery are really close in age and they just pick right back up where they left off each year. Lincoln is a couple months younger than Street. I can't wait to see the little friendship develop between these two boys.
Love this picture of Lulu and Price. His cheeks are smiling!
On the way to Austin. All three fell asleep at the same time. I am pretty sure this will never happen again.
My little helper.
Devouring an entire chicken finger with gums only. No teeth yet.
The new swing that Lulu bought us for our front yard. I love it.
First day of a new ballet year. She is looking so much older in this picture.

Some posts I hope to get around to this week involve disciplining our middle child. Can you believe it? And, a lesson in childlike faith I received from our first born. Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Price's day

I love these three pictures of Price at his birthday party. You can just see the happiness on his face.
His own gluten/dairy free cake!
The pinata was his favorite part of the party. I had no idea he knew what to do with it, but he did!
The night of Price's real birthday, we took him to the pool for some swimming and dinner.

I loved that P went to bed that night feeling so loved, special, and happy. It was just an all-around awesome day for him and for us. When we were all praying for Price at bedtime, Nathan said something I will never forget. He thanked the Lord for placing Price in our family. He thanked Him for choosing us to get him, and not someone else. He thanked the Lord that he is ours! (And I couldn't agree more!)

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