Monday, September 19, 2011

Funny man

This boy is funny. We hear it from everyone. "Street just makes me laugh."

He wouldn't take his daddy's hat off. I would try to grab it off his head and he would put it right back on.

The other day I walked into the house and Street looked at me, spit out his pacifier, and walked to the glider in his room. He was on a mission and would check back every now and then to make sure I was following. He put his hand on the glider, looked at me, and started patting the chair. He was telling me it was time to eat. He calls it "nigh nigh".

When I tell him that something is hot, he blows raspberries, like he's trying to cool whatever it is off. He thinks he is hilarious.

He gets so much joy out of water fountains, stairs, the dishwasher and cabinets. So this is what little 11 month old boys like to do? He walks so fast we are sure he is going to lose his balance at any moment, but somehow he manages. I love chasing him around (most of the time).

He loves to carry random objects from one end of the house to another, especially phone chargers, remotes, dad's belts, and shoes. He also likes to "brush" Ellery's hair and pat Price on the head. Maybe he's seen me do this before? He's not a big fan of people going in and out the door to the garage, unless he's a part of the action. He buries his head on my shoulder if someone asks him to come to them.

He calls Price Bro-Bro and it is the sweetest thing. Today I watched Ellery get protective over her littlest brother. Some "older" boys at school were being goofy and trying to get S to smile, and she kind of hovered over him, making sure he was alright. She told me later she didn't like those boys at all. (Except she did say one was kind of cute.)

I'm thankful funny man has a big sister that looks out for him and for the gift of laughter that he brings to our family!


Paige said...

He IS so funny! Love him, and love the Ellery comment lol.

cindy gatewood said...

Even just reading about it makes
me laugh!
S is the "comic relief"!

Win said...

Cuuuute, I love how he has no hair- it cracks me up.

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