Sunday, September 11, 2011

11 months and praying big

As I write this, Nathan is at the ER with Price. His breathing just kept getting worse on our car ride home from Austin today, and we decided he most likely needed a breathing treatment and steroid. Price is such a healthy boy and rarely sick, and it's so sad to see him fighting an illness, especially because he can't communicate what is happening or what exactly feels bad.

I didn't want to forget to write about my lesson in faith like a child that I mentioned earlier this week. Ellery brings home a Bible memory verse each week and is expected to recite it to her teacher on Friday. This past week's verse was, "Hear my cry, O God, listen to my prayer" Psalms 61:1. We talked a little about the verse on Monday and then decided we would pray for something very specific this week. I asked Ellery what she wanted to pray for her and she answered, "Price." We pray for Price obviously quite a bit in this household and I wanted to make sure and let her know it was okay to pray for something different, or even something that had to do with her. She said no, that she wanted to pray for Price and that she was going to ask the Lord to let him talk. I am ashamed of this, but my initial thought was to ask her to pray for something a little "less big", something that I knew He would answer. I wanted to see my girl's prayers answered this week. We had been talking at home and they had been talking at school about how the Lord hears us and answers prayer...and I so wanted this for her.

We went ahead and prayed for Price to talk and I knew that this little lesson/discussion on prayer was more for me, not for Ellery. The Lord was teaching me to expect more, that I could continue to pray for the big things. That He still hears me and that He still answers. I "pray big" for others and I need to continue to pray expectantly for my boy.

Price didn't miraculously talk this week, but we can still hold onto the hope that we will one day hear his voice. There really is nothing I want more for him in terms of ability. Sure, walking would be great, better than great. But, to hear his thoughts, his dreams, his perception of the world...that would be the greatest. I could never hear too many "mamas" from my sweet boy.

Speaking of saying "mama", Streeter turned 11 months on Saturday. Goodness, he's a handful. He makes us laugh, keeps us on our toes, makes us crazy, keeps us smitten...all at the same time. He now walks way more than he crawls. We have a walker. What a gift!
He loves to sit in what we call a "catcher position" and has a thing for wires and anything electrical. At the lake this past weekend, we found a remote control in the bath tub and Ellery's hair brush in the trash can. Did I mention he's a handful?! We love our little brother.


Tabaitha said...

Ellery has such a compassionate and loving heart. The fact that she would pray for her little brother to talk, shows that. Thank you for sharing your humbling experience. It's a great reminder to all of us. Praying Price will feel better soon.

Paige said...

I love Ellery's heart. God sure made such a sweet spirit in her. Miss y'all, and we'll join in praying BIG for Price. Happy 11 months Streeter!

Mara said...

I think you're right. I think God tries and reach us through different avenues. I have seen it myself and it sounds like he used Ellery. He will come in the strangest forms, but if you look, you can see him talking to you. I will pray for your sweet son. I like to read these daily scriptures and I'll give you the link. I think they'll help you:))


Win said...

Ellery is pretty amazing. Streeter is super cute, you will have to get a picture of him in that catcher's position. And above all, I really hope Pricey is feeling better. Lots of love and blessings to you.

Ashley said...

you are truly blessed with such kind hearted and loving family...each in their own way. Price is a blessing and we continue to pray for him and your family. Love that Ellery learns a verse each week in school. What a great lesson.

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