Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some pictures

It's football season and that means many trips to Austin for our family. It's so fun. The kids love it and we get to see family friends that meet up with us each year at the games. This year is a little crazy because I am chasing a certain almost-11th month old everywhere (yes, he's walking...that's a whole other post though), and Price wants to pull up on everything, climb the stairs, and slide down the stairs face first. As you can imagine, I saw exactly 0 minutes of the game.
We love Lulu.
Crazy picture but our gang is obviously on the left and Elin and Lincoln are on the right. They belong to family friends we've known since we were babies. Elin and Lincoln's grandparents have two girls, Paige and Megan, who we took almost every trip with when we were growing up. These two cuties belong to Megan, and Paige has two adorable boys that couldn't make the game. My sister, Paige, is named after this Paige. (Are you still with me?) Elin and Ellery are really close in age and they just pick right back up where they left off each year. Lincoln is a couple months younger than Street. I can't wait to see the little friendship develop between these two boys.
Love this picture of Lulu and Price. His cheeks are smiling!
On the way to Austin. All three fell asleep at the same time. I am pretty sure this will never happen again.
My little helper.
Devouring an entire chicken finger with gums only. No teeth yet.
The new swing that Lulu bought us for our front yard. I love it.
First day of a new ballet year. She is looking so much older in this picture.

Some posts I hope to get around to this week involve disciplining our middle child. Can you believe it? And, a lesson in childlike faith I received from our first born. Stay tuned.


Tabaitha said...

Great pictures! Love the last picture of Ellery. She is growing up so fast!

Jill said...

I can't believe Street is walking! He is SO cute! I love his little bald head! He and Austen will have something in common at Christmas. :)

Paige said...

Whoa, Ellery looks so big in this picture! Time is flying. Miss that precious little family.

Win said...

So beautiful. Every.single.one. Happy days to you!

cindy gatewood said...

Such fun pics of the family!


melody mccain dowdy said...

sweet peas- cute pics

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