Friday, January 25, 2013

10 minutes

I am giving myself 10 minutes to write this blog.  10 minutes because I really do miss this thing called blogging.

We woke up to the new year with Price calling for "mama".  He has been using it regularly and it brings pure joy every time.  He is so proud of himself too. Just today I picked him up from school and he was quick to declare, "Ma-ma!"

I think the theme of the year for me will be Ephesians 3:20-21.  I believe the Lord keeps bringing it to mind.  
"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us..."
We've been praying that verse over Price, over our other two, and over our life in general.

We are stepping out in faith with a few things so far this year.  Scary, but good.  I believe the work will be hard, but the reward great.

Nathan and I don't watch t.v. much (except ESPN for him), but we (yes, he's proud to admit it) have become a little obsessed with Downton Abbey.

Street and I are attached at the hip these days. What a fun, persistent little companion I have.  I think someone tells me everyday how well he talks and runs.  If they only knew...

I am anxious to try out some new communication apps with P.  He is doing so well with his fine motor skills and I think he might be able to finally make an Ipad app work for him.  He used to have no control over his little fingers and so he would be handing me his Ipad every 10 seconds because he clicked out of an app or a video paused or something.

I'm dreaming least for today!  I am a mom on a mission to save his little school.  If anyone knows where we can find a new director...please do tell.  Never underestimate a special needs mom (or a mom in general really).

I've been reading a lot lately (when I am not watching Downton Abbey).  Maybe this is why I'm not blogging.  One of my favorite little jewels out of a book called Anything is this: "To accept that life is going to be hard is the beginning of joy."  Although I don't think most of us really know hard.

10 minutes is up. Pushing publish. Ready, set, go...

OH, and here's our family Christmas picture.  All I can think about is how Price wouldn't smile and I was a little ticked off that we were standing there in the 110 degree weather and no one was performing well, especially the one that I can usually count on for a smile.  We got home and Price had about 15 fire ant bites on his leg.  How's that for a good mom?  I think (or hope) behind every awesome looking Christmas card picture involving young kids that there's an imperfect story.  Or maybe we are the only ones.

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