Thursday, May 24, 2012

A love story

Yesterday we said our good-byes to my Papa.  It was a beautiful day and the service, I believe, was just what he would have wanted.  There was plenty of red, white, and blue and American flags were flying.  This man loved his country.  My cousin, Mark, gave the eulogy and couldn't have painted a better picture of the impact this man had on his family, especially us grand-kids.
I was thinking yesterday about the life of my grandmother (Nanny) and grandfather and I believe their love story is something worth sharing.
My Nanny was the strongest woman I have ever known.  She loved the Lord and genuinely loved others before herself.  She didn't have an easy life, but she never complained or questioned the Lord's goodness to my knowledge.  She was also a faithful prayer.  I believe one of the prayers she voiced most to the Lord was for my grandfather to know Him, to give His heart to the Lord.  She would go to church alone (or with her 3 children) and she would serve Him without the leading and support of her husband.  I can only imagine how many times she pleaded for God to make Himself known to Papa.  She was never one to force her beliefs onto others, instead she lived them out.
When my grandmother became ill with Alzheimer's, we lost the Nanny we knew.  It was painful to see her mind deteriorate like it did.  But, what we did witness was our Papa's love for his wife.  He served her and cared for her well.  He loved her deeply, even though many days she could not even recall my mom's name.
I believe through all of this my Papa grew to know the love of the Father.  He would constantly tell me he wasn't good enough, he had sinned too much.  That he didn't love Nanny the way she deserved to be loved her whole life.  I would smile and assure him that this is what the Lord requires of us, admitting that in fact, we are not good enough.  Not one of us.  My Papa began reading God's word.  He was probably one of the most faithful readers of my blog.  He would tell me he was praying, especially for one of his favorite great-grandchildren, Price.  The day he passed, he was calling out for my grandmother.  At one point, he said, "Let me go."  I love to think he saw her face as he was going to be with the Lord.
The prayers that my Nanny lifted up to the Lord were answered.  Did she get to see her prayers come to fruition?  Not until heaven.  Could she have imagined that in her sickness, the Lord would be glorified?  This love story is more than a story of a husband and wife.  It's a story of God's faithfulness to His children.  It's a reminder of the power of prayer.  It's a testimony to the fact that our prayers may seemingly go unanswered in this lifetime.  Often I get discouraged, tired of waiting.  I think the Lord is just going to say no, so what's the point?   But, yesterday as I was getting ready for the funeral, I was once again reminded of His greatness.  I was encouraged that He does hear and He does answer.  I just have to be willing to submit to His timing, knowing that He knows far better than I do the end of the love story.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Last week

I watched a pretty little lady perform at her dance recital.  

 I laughed at our third child.
 I celebrated a birthday with my man and with friends.
 I lost my Papa the day after my birthday.  We shared a special relationship, and he will be missed.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Chinese Yes

Price has motor planning issues.  I am convinced he knows what he wants to say or do, but he's stuck inside a body that doesn't always work for him.  His communication consists of signs, crying, or squealing  (either happy or upset).  He shakes his head for "no", but "yes" has always been the "more" sign.  The up and down movement of his head has always been hard for him.

A couple weeks ago, however, Price started nodding "yes"!  What an accomplishment.  The funny thing is that it looks more like a bow than a typical head nod "yes".  Nathan and I think it looks a lot like how the Chinese greet one another, and it makes us laugh everytime.  

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