Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter continued

We had a wonderful weekend in Austin despite the lousy weather. I was really hoping to get some sun on my very white skin!!

So let me finish up Easter. On Easter day we went to church, out to lunch with my parents, Nathan's parents, and his sister, and then went to my aunt and uncle's house for an Easter egg hunt with all of the kids. My grandmother always put on the very best Easter egg hunts. It was something you looked forward to all year. We would color eggs the night before at her house and could make as big of a mess as necessary to get the job done. The entire family had an egg with their name on it. On the day of the hunt, we would all line up by the back door in order of youngest to oldest and then tear up the backyard hunting for plastic eggs, real eggs, candy eggs, and the PRIZE egg. The prize egg was always decorated elaborately and probably had $5 dollars in it - and it was a BIG deal! It is my hope that we can continue to carry on her tradition.

Ellery had a great time hunting eggs this year and actually knew what to do! Perhaps even more exciting though was the fact that they have horses and she was able to feed and ride one. She was in heaven. This girl LOVES horses.

Ellery and Lauren - by the way, Ellery is really into hats and dress-up these days.

Did I mention she LOVES horses?
And it wouldn't be an Easter egg hunt without lots and lots of sugar!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekend part 1

Wow, what a weekend! Bebe and Pops came to stay with us and Ellery was in rare form! She definitely knew she was center of attention and decided that naps and bedtime were not necessary. She was having too much fun!

First, let me back track. I noticed that I forgot to post pictures from the rodeo. Ellery had such a great time! We went twice...first with friends and then back with Nathan. Her favorite thing was the pony ride. She cried when our turn was up and impressed one of the workers so much with her love for the ponies, that he let her ride again for free. She did not want me to touch the saddle but wanted to ride it all by herself. She loved all of the animals on display, the pig races, and the carnival. Nathan spent way too much money at the carnival testing his basketball skills, but managed to win her this huge puppy.

Back to this weekend...on Saturday we went to get Ellery's first haircut. I was debating on whether or not we should get it trimmed this early, but it really was starting to look uneven and scraggly. She was not a fan! This child will sit through the doctor and dentist all smiles but cried the minute the hairdresser squirted water on her hair. The hairdryer was even worse. A lollipop did not even do the trick! She was still enough that we managed to get it trimmed and it looked adorable.


After (splotchy red face and all):

Stay tuned for part 2 of our Easter weekend!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Have a BLESSED Easter weekend!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Go Rockets

We were given tickets to the Rockets game last night and we had such a great time. The seats were 3rd row on the court! I don't usually get that excited about basketball games BUT since the Rockets are doing so good this season, the atmosphere was very exciting. My parents not only gave us 4 tickets but offered to babysit too. I am pretty sure Ellery had just as good of a time as we is a picture my mom took of her on their gelato outing:

Unfortunately, I think we might have been bad luck for Clutch City since they lost big time.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


That is about the size of the baby right now. :) Just a little tidbit I learned today that I thought I'd share.

Monday, March 10, 2008

the last month in pictures

Here are just a few highlights from the past month or so:

Music lessons

Happy Valentines Day!

A new found love of doritos

Poppy and Lulu won my school class bear at the auction

Enjoying the park with dad

So big!

With Madi waiting for rodeo day at school to start

At the church spring festival riding the train

And feeding the cow

And petting a little bunny

AND jumping around
Ready for the Easter egg hunt!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Catching up

Yeah...our computer finally arrived. Hopefully it will be up and running this weekend and I can post some pictures! In the meantime I will fill you in on what has been happening in our world.
This past weekend I was able to sneak away to Dallas for some time with dear friends. I spent the first night with Paige and Taylor and Taylor so nicely chauffeured me around town. On Saturday I attended a baby shower for Jessica and it was so great getting to see her pregnant belly and spend some time with her before she becomes a new mom. Also on Saturday, my wonderful friend Jody and I spent the afternoon getting pedicures, eating, and catching a movie...some of our favorite things to do. It was such a refreshing time until late Saturday night my stomach started feeling an all-to-familiar weird. I prayed and prayed that it was not what I thought it was but in fact, it was...the dreaded stomach bug had attacked me again. I spent the entire night and morning befriending the toilet at a house other than mine. It was not a good time at all. I can seriously count on one hand how many times I got sick like this as a kid and now as an adult I feel like I am a stomach bug magnet. Maybe I didn't build up enough immunity as a child.
All in all though it was a good weekend and I am just thankful that I didn't start feeling bad until the end of it.

It was rodeo day at school last week and all of the kids looked so cute. They made pancakes and had a mini rodeo, learning about cowboys and horses. Tonight is the school dinner and fundraiser that is themed "A Beach Ball". Flip-flops and shorts are the appropriate attire....except it is uncharacteristically freezing here. Dallas had snow! It should be a fun time though and I am sure to get some good pictures.
Pregnancy is going well, although my nausea has yet to subside at 14 weeks. With Ellery, it was night and day at about 12-13 weeks. So I am hoping for some relief around week 16? I have heard that is common. It is just at night around 4pm I start to feel queasy. It is very strange and different. I can see the beginnings of a little belly which will make this a little more real...I sometimes forget I am even pregnant which is such a change from my 1st pregnancy when that was all I could think about!

Oh and Ellery had her 1st meal at McDonalds today, not that I am proud. I was thinking we would go after gymboree and maybe play on the playground and eat a happy meal. Turns out the McDonalds we went to completely grossed me out and the play room smelled much like a bathroom. Ugh. No more McDonalds for us for awhile, or at least until we can find a clean one. :)
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