Friday, March 7, 2008

Catching up

Yeah...our computer finally arrived. Hopefully it will be up and running this weekend and I can post some pictures! In the meantime I will fill you in on what has been happening in our world.
This past weekend I was able to sneak away to Dallas for some time with dear friends. I spent the first night with Paige and Taylor and Taylor so nicely chauffeured me around town. On Saturday I attended a baby shower for Jessica and it was so great getting to see her pregnant belly and spend some time with her before she becomes a new mom. Also on Saturday, my wonderful friend Jody and I spent the afternoon getting pedicures, eating, and catching a movie...some of our favorite things to do. It was such a refreshing time until late Saturday night my stomach started feeling an all-to-familiar weird. I prayed and prayed that it was not what I thought it was but in fact, it was...the dreaded stomach bug had attacked me again. I spent the entire night and morning befriending the toilet at a house other than mine. It was not a good time at all. I can seriously count on one hand how many times I got sick like this as a kid and now as an adult I feel like I am a stomach bug magnet. Maybe I didn't build up enough immunity as a child.
All in all though it was a good weekend and I am just thankful that I didn't start feeling bad until the end of it.

It was rodeo day at school last week and all of the kids looked so cute. They made pancakes and had a mini rodeo, learning about cowboys and horses. Tonight is the school dinner and fundraiser that is themed "A Beach Ball". Flip-flops and shorts are the appropriate attire....except it is uncharacteristically freezing here. Dallas had snow! It should be a fun time though and I am sure to get some good pictures.
Pregnancy is going well, although my nausea has yet to subside at 14 weeks. With Ellery, it was night and day at about 12-13 weeks. So I am hoping for some relief around week 16? I have heard that is common. It is just at night around 4pm I start to feel queasy. It is very strange and different. I can see the beginnings of a little belly which will make this a little more real...I sometimes forget I am even pregnant which is such a change from my 1st pregnancy when that was all I could think about!

Oh and Ellery had her 1st meal at McDonalds today, not that I am proud. I was thinking we would go after gymboree and maybe play on the playground and eat a happy meal. Turns out the McDonalds we went to completely grossed me out and the play room smelled much like a bathroom. Ugh. No more McDonalds for us for awhile, or at least until we can find a clean one. :)


Tabaitha Kaye said...

ugh, morning sickness and a stomach bug is the worse. i also had morning sickness but it always happened in the evenings for me. when i was 8 weeks pregnant i had the dreaded stomach bug and lost count at how many times i ran to the bathroom that evening. by the end of the night, i was sleeping on the bathroom floor. hope you are feeling better and can't wait to see some pics!

the_wells said...

Hey! Just saw your message - my email is - i love random questions :)
We are SO the same on how we start feeling sicky around 4pm. I call it the witching hour. Emma Kate is a mess and I feel like crap. It's getting better though...... :)

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