Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter continued

We had a wonderful weekend in Austin despite the lousy weather. I was really hoping to get some sun on my very white skin!!

So let me finish up Easter. On Easter day we went to church, out to lunch with my parents, Nathan's parents, and his sister, and then went to my aunt and uncle's house for an Easter egg hunt with all of the kids. My grandmother always put on the very best Easter egg hunts. It was something you looked forward to all year. We would color eggs the night before at her house and could make as big of a mess as necessary to get the job done. The entire family had an egg with their name on it. On the day of the hunt, we would all line up by the back door in order of youngest to oldest and then tear up the backyard hunting for plastic eggs, real eggs, candy eggs, and the PRIZE egg. The prize egg was always decorated elaborately and probably had $5 dollars in it - and it was a BIG deal! It is my hope that we can continue to carry on her tradition.

Ellery had a great time hunting eggs this year and actually knew what to do! Perhaps even more exciting though was the fact that they have horses and she was able to feed and ride one. She was in heaven. This girl LOVES horses.

Ellery and Lauren - by the way, Ellery is really into hats and dress-up these days.

Did I mention she LOVES horses?
And it wouldn't be an Easter egg hunt without lots and lots of sugar!


Tiffany said...

I love the picture of her giving the horse kisses!! So sweet.

Kristyn said...

I love your family tradition of looking for the prize egg. I've never heard of that before. So great!

Sherry said...

Kristen, I love the tradition too. As always, we enjoyed being together as a family and what a good time Nanny had with all the kids. What a group! Ellery is definitely a cutie and Lauren too! Love, Aunt Sherry

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