Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekend part 1

Wow, what a weekend! Bebe and Pops came to stay with us and Ellery was in rare form! She definitely knew she was center of attention and decided that naps and bedtime were not necessary. She was having too much fun!

First, let me back track. I noticed that I forgot to post pictures from the rodeo. Ellery had such a great time! We went twice...first with friends and then back with Nathan. Her favorite thing was the pony ride. She cried when our turn was up and impressed one of the workers so much with her love for the ponies, that he let her ride again for free. She did not want me to touch the saddle but wanted to ride it all by herself. She loved all of the animals on display, the pig races, and the carnival. Nathan spent way too much money at the carnival testing his basketball skills, but managed to win her this huge puppy.

Back to this weekend...on Saturday we went to get Ellery's first haircut. I was debating on whether or not we should get it trimmed this early, but it really was starting to look uneven and scraggly. She was not a fan! This child will sit through the doctor and dentist all smiles but cried the minute the hairdresser squirted water on her hair. The hairdryer was even worse. A lollipop did not even do the trick! She was still enough that we managed to get it trimmed and it looked adorable.


After (splotchy red face and all):

Stay tuned for part 2 of our Easter weekend!!


Kristyn said...

That puppy is too much, I love how it swallows her in the stroller!
Her first little hair-cut trim looks great too!

Tabaitha Kaye said...

Ellery's new cut is very cute!

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