Thursday, June 21, 2007

Week in Review

We have been keeping busy but there hasn't been something really significant to blog about. So I will just share with you some random happenings at our household:

Monday - I am still recovering from my bug. I had gone into "frenzy mode" as Nathan likes to call it (it usually happens around bedtime, I decide to start a major project such as cleaning out my closet) sanitizing our house. It turns out that my mother-in-law got the bug while staying at our house this past weekend, so I am positive that germs are just lurking around. I wash all of the sheets, santize toys, mop the floors, etc. etc. Why can't they just make a spray can where you can sanitize your entire house with the push of a button? That would be a good invention. Anyways, as long as I am doing the house I decide to tackle my car too. I find a GNC shaker lying around in the garage. (Nathan makes a protein shake and takes it with him to work every morning on his quest to get lean and mean). I bring it in to wash it out in the sink and find the most disgusting thing I think I have seen in awhile. (Also keep in mind that the last 24 hours I had spent hugging the toilet.) Little white worms squirming around the leftover protein shake! I had no idea what they were until my friend Julie informed me that they are Maggots!!! I probably took 5 showers Monday morning and said some mean things to my husband that were semi-uncalled for.

Tuesday - Ellery's first day of Mother's Day out. And I think MDO took a field trip to a nearby nail salon. Ellery came home speaking in what sounded like a foreign language, something similar to the conversations I overhear from my Vietnamese friends that do my wonderful mani and pedi . It is hilarious! In all seriousness I think she is trying to put syllables together, and she might just bust out a full sentence any day now.

Wednesday - Our first day of swim lessons. Wow! As I was driving home from lessons and lunch, my car gas light comes on. And I think to myself, "Running on empty! - This should be my quote for the day." Cheesy I know. Between trying to get a one year old to swim lessons in Sharpstown, double-diapering her (a swim lesson policy) more than once with those snug swim diapers, feeling like I endured a 30-minute water aerobics class myself, and listening to her scream the whole way to Chick-fil-a because she is famished and parched (from inhaling too much salt water) - I go a little crazy. Next time we are packing a lunch and having a picnic in the car. Swim lessons were great though and I was very impressed with the organization and teaching. It is definitely going to challenge both of us - as I hated swim lessons as a child and could not swim 2 laps today without doggie paddling.

Thursday - Neighborhood drama that is just too much to post. They should make a reality series about our street. Oh and I looked up today and saw Ellery WALKING towards me! She has taken a few steps before but not without my prompting. She is getting to be such a big girl. Sometimes I feel like she completely "gets" what I am talking about to her in the car as she will laugh or mimic something I say. I love my little pal!

Okay well that is the beginning of our week in review! I guess I had more things happen than I originally thought!

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