Monday, June 25, 2007

One Going on Sixteen!

Something so funny happened today while we were at our weekly gymboree class. Ellery was really hamming it up the entire class but then came the wonderful parachute time. Most of the kids sit on the parachute by their mothers but not my child. In fact, the minute we step into the door at gymboree she takes off and only glances up at me every once and awhile as if to make sure that I am still there. The instructor goes around the room several times and sings catchy little songs with each child's name in them, and Ellery is usually last or forgotten all-together because she is clear across the room climbing a slide or something.
Okay so back to my story. It was parachute time and Ellery goes to the middle of the parachute and sits right in front of Yoki, a cute little Asian boy. The instructor starts blowing bubbles which must have set the mood for young love. Ellery plants a big open-mouthed kiss on Yoki not once, not twice, but three times. She had us all cracking up. Julie and Tiffany were there to witness it. Really though, it was very innocent and sweet and by the end of the class she was freely giving out kisses to everyone. My sweet girl!

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Jon said...

Allison is the same way... so sweet, but sometimes a bit too liberal with the kissing.

I think Nathan and I are going to have to take some Father Combat Classes to put the fear of God in those 16 year old boys when the time comes.

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