Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Random Thursday Post

Okay, so I might have been a little bored today. I took Ellery to my mom and dad's house so that we could go on an afternoon walk. I could get some exercise and Ellery could have fun pointing at all the trees, people, and dogs. There were plenty of trees to point out but not a single person or dog on this usually hoppin jogging trail. Why, you ask? Because it was 4pm in the afternoon and the temperature in my car said 100 degrees! And I am convinced the heat index was 120. Just go ahead and hand me the "Mother of the Year" award.

When I took Ellery out of her jogging stroller, her hair was so sweaty that it had curled up into adorable little ringlets. This got me wondering...was my hair curly like this at her age? I mean, I definitely did not get blessed with the board-straight hair genes, but I cannot remember a time when I sported ringlets. And I am pretty sure that Nathan had stick-straight blond hair when he was a toddler.

So....because we were at my parents' house I got out the picture albums. My mom just happens to be the most organized person you will ever meet and has all of our pictures in matching, labeled albums in a special picture room. I am surprised that they are not in a fire-proof vault because I specifically remember Paige and I running out of our "burning" house as teenagers with all the picture albums we could possibly carry. Turns out our house was not on fire....but IF it had been ...we would still have all of our treasured memories, thanks to my mom's organization. If my house today was to catch on fire, I would not make it out alive trying to gather all of our pictures from various rooms.

I grabbed just a few pictures from my 1-year birthday party. As you can see, I did not have half the hair that Ellery has so it is hard to tell. But I did find myself doing a double take on a few of the pics, thinking they looked so much like Elle. Some people tell us that she is my "mini-me" while others see no resemblance and think she looks exactly like her handsome father.

To see the hair a little more, I had to venture on to my 14 1/2 month-old pics:

Looks like she has my hair! Thank goodness for her, naturally wavy hair is back in-style. And if it ever goes out again, there is always the chi!

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Kristen said...

She is the PERFECT combination
of both mommy and daddy!

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