Friday, August 15, 2008

Just an update

No baby yet! I went to the doctor yesterday and am making progress so who knows when Price will make his appearance. If he comes like Ellery did, it will be in about a week. Everything is pretty much ready, including this pregnant mama! No, I am actually feeling and doing great - other than looking VERY pregnant.
We have been busy. Did I say a couple of posts back that Ellery was just a sweet and easy girl? Well, things have been different the past couple of weeks. She has been more moody, cranky, and clingy - not to mention more disobedient and stubborn! We realized that she is cutting her 2 year molars so hopefully this explains the odd behavior. Or maybe she senses her world is about to be turned upside down with a little brother. I have been praying for some peaceful, easy days before Price gets here, but I am starting to believe that this is exactly what she and I need right now. I am able to rock her and care for her much more than normal, since she is usually such an independent girl. She wants her mama these days (and daddy) and I hope I can take full advantage of our last days just the two of us.
We have been to 3 birthday parties since I last posted - a princess party, a swim party, and a party at Chuck E Cheese. The princess party was so cute. Ellery picked out a Tinkerbell dress to change into, got her makeup and nails done, and even had her hair sprayed pink and glittered. She was the youngest one at the party and seemed to enjoy it, although was a little overwhelmed. They drank apple juice from tea cups and danced to "Who Let the Dogs Out". What more could a girl ask for?


the_wells said...

emma kate is the same way. i think that they sense what is about to happen or something...we have also been sick - so that doesn't help much. or maybe b/c i've been letting her watch so many disney movies lately...are they teaching our children attitude?

Staci Danford said...

I know you have no idea who I am, but I am a friend of Nathan's parents. My mother had lunch with them today in Abilene after Mike's sermon and was telling me how they had bragged and showed off pictures of their sweet grandbaby. I'm 41 and have almost grown children, as well as a little precious 8 month old start over... So my mother was pulling out grandson pictures too. She told me to look at your blog since I knew Nathan when he was young. How precioius Ellery is.. Enjoy every second. I'm taking my son to college this next weekend.. yet I remember so very clearly telling him that he was going to be having a little baby sister. Time is the one thing that seems to always go faster than we'd like. (except when you're days from delivery. ha )
Anyway.. Precious family. Enjoy each moment.

Staci Danford

Tabaitha Kaye said...

It's getting so close. I bet you are ready for Price to get here. We will be thinking of you guys in the next couple of weeks.

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