Monday, January 5, 2009

This and that

Wow - where do I begin? I am going to attempt to remember what went on last week but I can barely remember what happened yesterday! Wish I could still blame it on pregnancy fog. Nathan and I had a very low key New Years Eve. We were at our new HEB that day and sampled some really good steaks - so we decided to recreate them for dinner that night. We put the kids to bed and had a wonderful, relaxing meal. We didn't make it to midnight which was perfectly fine for us. We had a few play dates and enjoyed having Nathan home more than usual. Ellery has become obsessed with our 4-year old neighbor across the street and loves doing everything she does. She got a Barbie car too for Christmas and loves it - so I am thinking they are more of a four-year old thing! Which reminds me - Ellery has been using being two as an excuse for not pooping on the potty. She says, "I'm not three yet!"

Ellery is going through a "stuttering" phase. It's like her brain is working so much faster than her mouth. She knows what she wants to say but has a hard time getting the sentences out. I called up a speech pathologist just to make sure she wasn't in need of any speech therapy. I told her my very verbal toddler all of a sudden started stuttering and she kind of laughed and said it happens to most toddlers when they are going through a huge jump in vocabulary. She said it was perfectly normal.

Price continues to sleep through the night which is such a blessing to us. Everyone is happier when mom is rested. He has been "talking" so much lately and we are loving it. I love my blue-eyed boy!

We organized the playroom yesterday during naptime and got rid of so many toys that Ellery no longer plays with. We haven't done that since she was born! Really all she plays with these days are her baby dolls, and of course she loves to read her books. Last night I got home from grocery shopping and she had already gone to bed. I was laughing so hard because every swing, bouncer, and piece of baby equipment (whether it was Price's or a baby doll accessory) was occupied by one of her baby dolls. She is such a little mama and does a great job of making sure her babies are fed and put down for naps.

Well I can't think of much else. I am overwhelmed with television choices tonight. The Bachelor premiere, a brand new episode of Jon and Kate plus 8 (I hear they are moving), and The City. Of course, our tv will be tuned in to the Texas game. I hope our dvr is up for the challenge!


Tabaitha Kaye said...

I love Jon & Kate plus 8. I actually bought her book "Multiple Blessings" and loved it. She quoted scripture throughout the entire book and spoke of how God used her family to glorify His name. I would definitely recommend it anyone.

thesapp4 said...

I remember Lauren going through that stuttering phase when she just had so much to say and couldn't get all her thoughts organized to come out of her mouth right. It passes.

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