Sunday, January 18, 2009

Great weekend

Friday night Nathan and I were able to escape for a little night away. We went to dinner at Reef and then stayed the night at Hotel Icon. Both restaurant and hotel were amazing - definitely places we would love to re-visit sometime. We were able to sleep in until 9am which was a true luxury! Bebe and Pops came down to stay with the kids and we were so grateful.

Sunday night was Parent Commitment at our church with Mr. Price. It was a great service and basically a time to declare our intent to raise our children according to Godly principles. Bebe, Pops, Meredith, Lulu, and Poppy were all there to support us. Ellery slept through her Parent Commitment about two years ago and Price just kind of looked around and seemed content. Lulu bought the kids matching outfits and they looked adorable. Price was clearly NOT into picture taking but we did the best we could!
The big sisters
Doesn't he look so OVER picture taking? Look at his cute friend Eme!

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Tiffany said...

Friends for life....and they don't even know it yet! Sweet!

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