Monday, January 19, 2009

Reward Day

Today was a big day - Ellery filled the last blank spot on her potty chart with a sticker! As her teacher was putting Ellery in our car today in the pick up line, she mentioned that Ellery went on the potty at school. I made a huge deal out of it and told her when she got up from her nap we would put a sticker on the chart and that her prize might be here. I admit for her first potty chart, I set the goal a little too high. It had 48 spots for stickers which means of course, 48 successful potty trips. Ellery stuck with it though and I assured her there would be a HUGE reward.

At Dillon's birthday party a couple of weekends ago, Ellery spotted a scooter and loved it. Our neighbors who are about 8 and 10 have razors and Ellery loves to watch them ride. Well, to our amazement Ellery got on the mini-scooter at the party and took off. She knew just what to do from her many times of observing. So I found the little scooter and ordered it in pink, knowing it would be a perfect reward for so many perfect potties.
However, this will be the biggest reward she ever gets on this potty-training adventure. I realize it is a bit much BUT it did take her about 2 months to accomplish the goal!

I am so proud of her and she seems so proud of herself. She used the potty after her bath tonight and immediately reminded me that we need a new chart to start putting stickers on.

Oh, and this is funny - when she woke up from her nap today, she pointed to the "E" on my shirt that said "NIKE" and said, "That's an E for Ellery." Since when did she start reading?

putting the last sticker on!

the proud owner of a new pink scooter!
look at her go!


cindy gatewood said...

Way to go, Ellery!!
(& Mom)


Tabaitha Kaye said...

Way to go Ellery! Her hair looks so cute in the braids.

Ashley, Bill, and Hunter said...

too the braids!

Tara said...

Seriously??? 48 spots on the potty chart? You run a tight ship over there at the Stedham house!

Steve and Cristie said...

That is adorable! You are giving me such great ideas even though it will be quite a while before I am potty training baby Tyler!

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