Thursday, July 29, 2010

My star

Price has been able to sit on his own for quite some time now. However, this sitting is more of a prop sitting - with his hands out in front of him to support and balance his body. He also would get wobbly and fall right over so I rarely put him in a sitting position unless I was right behind him and could assist him.

However, this past week we have witnessed some amazing changes in his sitting ability. It's like his trunk got stronger over night. He must have sat for at least 10 minutes yesterday all by himself playing with toys in front of him. He eventually moved to his stomach to roll but I don't think it's because he lost balance...more like he lost interest. And when I went to bathe him last night, he sat up great in the tub. Nathan and I must have commented twenty times on how we never thought we'd see this day (really we were just always seemed so far away).

I know sitting sounds like a basic 6 month old skill. Heck, I think Ellery was sitting in a highchair at 4 or 5 months. BUT this is a huge deal for Price and for us....a milestone definitely worth celebrating. For the longest time we would have to carry a chair with us that hooks onto the table when we would go out to eat. It has a higher back on it and allowed Price to focus more on his food rather than his ataxia. We would purposefully pick restaurants with high-back highchairs...I can tell you where the good ones are in town. Well, our world has finally opened up as Price can sit in just about any highchair as long as the strap is not broken. I couldn't be more thrilled. Tonight, we ate dinner out with some friends and I just watched in amazement as my son sat upright in his plain, old wooden restaurant high chair and enjoyed his dinner like any other toddler.

I tell him all the time that he is my star. I even whisper it to him while he is sleeping. "Pricey, you are mommy's star. I love you so much. Keep working hard and fighting...don't give up. You are going to get there sweet boy. God's healing you. I am so proud of you. What a star you are!"


Susan said...

That is the sweetest post I have ever read. Hope to see you guys this weekend.

Amanda said...

YEAH!!! GO PRICE!!! What a big day, Kristen. That is awesome!

Jill said...

Reading this with tears in my eyes! I am so happy/excited/proud for each and every milestone for my little cousin! Love you guys!

Tabaitha Kaye said...

Way to go Price! That is fantastic news.

Katie said...

Totally cried reading this! He's going to reach so many more milestones, Kristen, and they will each feel this amazing!

So many parents say that they don't pay as much attention to their second child's milestones because they are simply busier with two. God is allowing you to notice ALL of Price's milestones...what a special gift!

Give him kisses from his future buddy, Knox. And me of course!


Kiki said...

I totally have tears in my eyes, Kristen. You're a great mom!

Paige said...

YAY Pricey!! We all love you so much and know that God is working in you and healing ARE a star!!! Love Aunt Paige & Uncle Tay

cindy gatewood said...

We all love our sweet, blue eyed
Pricey boy!


Tiffany said...

Pricey makes me cry :) (in a GREAT way)

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