Monday, February 7, 2011

The day they found their feet

It happened on Friday. Both boys found their feet. Let me explain. Price knows where his feet are but he has never been able to reach them. Between his hypotonia and low body awareness, he never played with them like a "normal" infant does. Well, Friday while I was changing his diaper, he pulled both feet up to his hands and just grinned real big. That same day I was changing Street's diaper and he did the SAME thing. Street now plays with his feet all the time, and he's almost able to get them in his mouth.

Saturday we went to the mall because we were so desperate to get out of the house after the "no snow day" on Friday. I put Price in his car seat, went to grab my purse inside the house, and came back to the car and noticed Price had taken off not only his shoes but his socks too. He just grinned. I had to put his shoes and socks on three more times that morning. When we were putting him into the car after our mall trip, I noticed he was missing a shoe. One shoe. Most moms would probably be annoyed and frustrated with this but I was just so thrilled that Price had done something so normal.

Today I ran into an old therapy friend at the grocery store. Her son is about a year older than Price and when we first got thrown into the therapy world she was always there to talk, listen, and encourage. We talked for awhile about how her son was doing (he doesn't go to therapy anymore) and she said what they were most likely dealing with was severe ADD. And she said, "And I will take it handed to me on a silver platter." They had been through tons of testing with their son like we have with Price and she was basically saying a diagnosis of ADD would be just lovely. I can relate.

A few years ago I read something that still comes to mind very often. It was listing the secrets to a content life. One was to never compare your lot to another. I struggle with this at times when I am craving "normalcy" but I try not to compare. Sure our life looks different, our perspectives have changed in huge ways, but this is what makes our life so rich. I am thankful for the richness.

{And I am thankful that my boys 26 months apart found their feet on the same day.}


Amanda said...

Excellent post, my friend.

Tabaitha Kaye said...

Love that Price keeps taking off his socks and shoes. I couldn't help but laugh and smile with joy at this milestone. Way to go Street, can't leave you out:)

cindy gatewood said...

I LOVE this!
I can imagine the smile onf P's
face as he practiced his "routine"!

glenda said...

Your post always brings a smile to my face! Price reminds us to stop and enjoy the small things in life. His smile lights up all around him! Good job Price!!!!

JWK said...

Love it!! I have this quote taped to my mirror...

"Comparison is lethal to contentment"

I will think of you and your boys when I read it now!


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