Thursday, June 20, 2013

The big 7!

Dear Ellery,

You turned 7 last Friday.  7!  Why does that number sound so big?  You are my girl, and I love you so very much.  You went from being the last one in your class to lose a tooth to losing 4 right in a row.  You have this wonderful gap in your mouth and lisp to go with it, and I seriously do not want it to ever go away.  I prayed for the gap, and the Lord delivered.

6 was a great year.  Lots of memories made, a great school year, and most importantly the greatest decision you will ever make - to ask Jesus in your heart.  You will be baptized this Sunday by your Pops, who also baptized your daddy.

Your mom and dad couldn't be prouder as we see the Lord moving in your heart and life.  You have a great gift of compassion.  You sang Price to sleep the other night.  I looked in his room and you were singing hymns so softly while he dozed off right beside you.  You also love volunteering in his Sunday School classroom and although it is only suppose to be once a month, you ask to do it every Sunday.  Seeing you love and care for the special needs children of our church just makes me beam.  I would have never done that.

You are still loving gymnastics and scheduled to make a few competitions in the fall.  I have enjoyed watching your confidence grow throughout the year.  You are attending a theatre camp this summer.  I dropped you off as the baby of the class and not knowing a single soul.  When I came to pick you up, I heard these beautiful voices auditioning for parts.  I thought you might just crumble, but instead you came out of the class practically skipping, exclaiming that you loved every minute.  You were even brave enough to get up on stage and audition for the first time.  I love your enthusiasm, and I can't wait to watch you perform in the musical "Pinkalicious" tomorrow.

You love reading, playing school, and sort of like practicing the violin.  Crafts are at the top of your list too.

You are a wonderful big sister, although Street sometimes gets on your nerves.  He does ask a lot of questions and want you to play baseball with him every second of the day, so I get it.  You lead the troops well.  On the rare days when mom and dad sleep a little too late, you have Price occupied with an I-pad and Street out of his crib watching a movie with you.  Your brothers really do adore you.

You celebrated 7 by having a few friends over to spend the night.  Instead of bringing presents, you requested demanded that they each bring some money to donate to As Our Own.  You wanted to help the orphans.  Poppy matched their gifts, and you came up with a whopping $300.

You are still as hard-headed as they come, a perfectionist, and you can be just like your mama at times, but I could not love you any more.  I know I said this last year, but I want to soak up every minute with your now 7-year-old self.  If I had to go around the world and pick one girl to be mine, I'd of course pick you, hands-down, every time baby girl.



Paige said...

Happy Birthday E! Ellery, you are such a GIFT! You have the sweetest heart, are wise beyond your years, and I absolutely love being your Aunt. Love you so much!

Jill said...

She is such a special girl! She is going to make a difference in so many lives!

Katie said...

Such a sweet letter...cried all the way through. What a blessing she is! I agree with Jill, she'll be a WORLD CHANGER!

Win said...

What a wonderful Mother you are, you have helped this beautiful girl become an AMAZING soul on this earth. Blessings and love to you and your family. Thank you for sharing! Happy Birthday to a very special, very beautiful, very talented girl!

cindy gatewood said...

I LOVE when I'm blog hoppingb& I realize there's a new post!!
Ellery- you are such a special first born- daughter AND

Love you so much, Pinkertone, cupcake, & narrator!
Can't wait for you special day on Sunday!


Kate said...

Ellery seems like such a beautiful little soul! Your note made me cry ;)

Heather said...

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