Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Price!

Dear Price,
Today you are 3! I can't believe it. You woke up today so happy, which is pretty much how you start everyday...with a smile on your face. I came into your room singing "Happy birthday to you..." and your face lit up! You know it's a special day, and you love the extra attention. Your therapists threw you a party this morning and your teachers and classmates have one planned for today. When I dropped you off at school, there was a huge sign announcing your birthday. You are one adored little boy.

We celebrated your birthday last night with just a few close friends and family. You get a little overwhelmed in huge crowds so we kept it simple. Everyone that gathered at our house loves you so dearly (and there are many others). We joined hands in prayer and thanked the Lord for your life. We thanked the Lord that He made you just the way you are. You are His perfect creation.

Price, in your 3 years on this earth you have brought Him so much glory. You are the hardest working 3 year old I know. You are persistent, determined, joyful, observant, patient, and content. Oh, and you are funny. I love to get glimpses of your humor. You have brought your mama more tears than she thought imaginable, but so much more joy than she thought possible. You have taught us more about the Kingdom of heaven and the joy and freedom that comes from knowing that this world has nothing for us. Because of you, our family means more. Things that once mattered to us, matter no longer. You teach us to observe and take in the simple things that we once overlooked. You lead the way in helping us to love others deeper and better.

Thank you my sweet boy. The Lord had such great plans for us the minute you were in the picture. No, they are not what we thought or what we thought we wanted. But they are that much better. Keep doing your thing, Price, and we will be fighting for you, loving you, and praying for you the entire way. You are mama's little star!



cindy gatewood said...

Happy Birthday, Price! We love
you more than you know...

Keep working hard, you ARE a star!

Lulu & Poppy

Momttorney said...

good thing I read this at home . . . I have tears streaming down my face. How is it possible that I too love that little man? We are so very, very blessed to have such magical little lights in our world. I can't wait to watch as their stories both unfold.

Happy Birthday, Price! And happy day to mama too!


Win said...

His perfect creation, love it!
Happy Birthday Pricey!! Wishing you so much love and happiness!!

Paige said...

Happy Birthday Pricey!

We love you so much and are your biggest cheerleaders. You ARE a light on this earth, you bring everyone so much joy!!!

Aunt P, Uncle T, and Pipes

Kiki said...

Love this post, Kristen. Totally made me cry.

Happy day to you too! You're a great mama to Pricey!

Janice said...

The most special, happy, joyful 3 year old I know! Happy Birthday, Great Nephew!

Tabaitha said...

Happy Birthday, Price! It is evident that you have an amazing family. Praying many blessings over you this year.

Matt & Leigh Anne said...

Beautiful. Happy birthday Price!

Tiffany said...

Such a sweet letter to your boy! We love you Price. You are so special to so many people.

Katie said...

Love this post. Made me cry! He's such a special boy! Happy Birthday, Price!!

sarah watson said...

Happy Birthday Price!!! Mama is so right, 'you have brought Him so much glory' and 'you have taught us more about the Kingdom of heaven and the joy and freedom that comes from knowing that this world has nothing for us' certainly are a beautiful and perfect creation and gift to us! Love, Sarah

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