Tuesday, August 2, 2011


{Price got really excited about some cars on our date to Costco yesterday}

I was thinking about my post yesterday and realized that I left out one huge piece of information. We went to Duke a few months ago and had Price evaluated by a team of doctors. He had x-rays, blood work, an EEG, more blood work, urine tests, and an MRI. We were told that his imaging from Texas Children's was pretty poor in quality. I find this so odd because we are all told that Texas Children's is one of the best in the country. Anyway, we had his MRI done on their top notch equipment and his results were normal. No atrophy, no other findings that were out of the ordinary. This was such encouraging news to us, although it definitely had us puzzled. We will give all the glory to God.

Right now, Price does physical, speech, and occupational therapy two times a week. He also attends a special needs school where he receives more therapy. He is in a class with 4 other kids and has 3 teachers. His school has been one of the best decisions we have made for him, even though it was a tough one. We have seen the Lord go before us on this journey and give us just the thing we needed at the exact time.

Price is on a special diet and we also do lots of supplements. We see a chiropractor/wellness doctor who has done so much not just for Price, but for our entire family. It's a fun story how the Lord led us to him. I can share more about him and our experiences in upcoming posts if anyone is interested. Our ways have definitely changed and it's been a blessing.


Kiki said...

I enjoyed reading the whole story. And I want to hear/know/learn more about the chiropractor wellness doctor. Especially for Kolby.

cindy gatewood said...

I'm pretty sure we could call you
Dr. Kristen by now!! I am proud
of you, Nathan, and your journey
to now.

Love you!

Lyndsay said...

I enjoyed reading about Price's journey. You and Nathan are definitely amazing parents! I would love to hear about your chiropractor/wellness doctor - trying to avoid a 3rd set of ear tubes with Walker - maybe he might have some insight or something we haven't tried?

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