Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 months

We got back today from a trip to Sun Valley, Idaho. We had the BEST time and weren't quite ready to be home in the Houston heat and humidity. I will work on posting pictures this week.

But, while we were in SV, Streeter turned 10 months old!

At 10 months, Street...
- took a few steps on his own while we were away!
- has some new words - dog, ball, bye-bye, no-no, more, and night-night
- he thinks every animal is a dog and loves to point them out
- is becoming more and more happy and content and might be losing his nickname "Rager" in the near future
- has expanded his food groups (He ate icecream for the first time on our trip and spaghetti.)
- loves to put things on his head?
- will point it out if you have something on your head, even if its just a high ponytail
- is easily our much-needed comic relief

I am loving his age. We forgot what it feels like to hear new words and see new movements every day. It's a beautiful thing.


Momttorney said...

Next stop . . . Los Angeles?!!!

Paige said...

Happy 10 months Streeter!!!

cindy gatewood said...

Can't wait to see more pics!

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