Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Update from China

China is now a full-blown guys trip. Price and I are perfect roomates because we both like to eat lots of snacks and watch tons of movies. Fortunately for me, Price can watch the same 6 episodes of Blues Clues 20+ times and still laugh at the same parts every time. May God bless Steve Burns and his green-striped shirt. For those who know Blues Clues, you'll be glad to know Price is a Steve fan all the way,he's not big on Joe. He's a purist. When Steve goes off to college Price loses interest real fast. Outside the room, Price is a crawling machine. There are lots of long hallways in our wing of the hospital and Price goes up and down them non-stop. And of course there's a staircase in the lobby that he climbs and descends as many times as I'll let him. The floor above us is all Chinese patients and their parents so it's kind of an international trip for him. When he gets to the top there's usually a few Chinese moms who cheer for him and try to pick him up but he laughs and shakes his head and puts it in reverse and scoots away from them. He thinks it's hilarious. Needless to say, Price loves all the attention and everybody loves Price. Price has also figured out how to go down the stairs feet first, which is much less hazardous to his forehead.

The most pleasant surprise of the trip so far has been the relationships we've been able to form with the medical and other patients. The doctors and nurses and translators have all been awesome, making us feel right at home since we got here. It's a much different experience than you get in the States in that you get to see and talk to the doctors everyday, sometimes even several times a day. They are constantly checking in to see how we're doing and readily available if we need anything. The nurses travel in packs. They usually visit 3 at a time, and they love to sing to Pricey, especially when he smiles and laughs. You can tell all the medical staff really cares about the patients, and that makes us a lot more comfortable about being here. The translators are awesome. Without them we would be hopelessly lost.

There's an older couple here from Canada that we've been tagging along with some. They run a grain farm back in Saskatchewan and sell most of their grain to the Chinese. And they end almost every sentence with "eh?" Very Canadian and really neat people. There was a Scottish couple arguing over how to turn on the Xbox the other night which made for some interesting theater. I'm pretty sure they were speaking English but I have no idea what they were saying.
- Nathan


cindy gatewood said...

SO good to hear Nathan's perspective.
He might need to start blogging! Ha
I'm thankful for the Dad he is to Price!
Those 2 boys are my heroes!!

Allison said...

Nathan, you are a funny blogger! Enjoyed hearing your perspective and am praying for you guys!

Molly Marie said...

Oh, Kristen such a journey you guys are on to give your babies the best. I'm praying for your strength, peace and wisdom. Sounds like God is granting a great team behind you all--what a gift. With my baby in the hospital now in India, I have such a burden for mom's living in these hospitals. Love you, you're welcome to stop by India on the way back any time :) Just know it will be an all together different experience than the ywam one as my amazing local fam would take great care of you here and you can stay in a beach resort this time~ :))) Love you, girl. xoxo, molly~

Momttorney said...

Who knew your husband was a blogger who just needed a forum?!! Glad for the update, thinking of you and P and Nathan every single day. xoxo.

Momttorney said...

Ugh. Just left a longer comment and I think I accidentally deleted. Nathan is funny :o) He is obviously a blogger who just needed a forum! And, I'm thinking of you and your little family every single day.
Love, xoxo -

Paige said...

enjoyed reading Nathan's post:) Miss you guys.

Win said...

With you every step of the way!

Bridgette said...

Hey Kristen,
I just found your blog and I've gotten all caught up on your sweet family! I'm praying for Price and for your family as you guys are all over the globe! You and your husband are the best parents to your children! I love reading about your faith being walked out in caring for your children! It's tough stuff, but worth it! Thank you for sharing here!

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