Monday, January 16, 2012

Jet-lagged thoughts

Today, Street pointed to a plane in the sky and said, "Bro bro."
Ellery ate breakfast this morning by herself at the table and said, "Breakfast is not fun by myself. I need Price here."
Last night, we skypped Nathan and Ellery broke out into tears and said, "This is so hard." I told her it is hard and it is okay to cry, but we have to be strong because the Lord said, "Go."
I am back to the weekly routine, but part of me is still in China (not to mention, my body clock still is too).
I miss the simplicity. I miss the relationships with people that are nothing like me. I miss the lack of technology. It's really all about people, isn't it? Loving people.
I told Nathan maybe we should live in China. He said that I should rethink how to bring our experience to where we live. To our home.
Price had a harder time with his second lumbar puncture. Some fever and vomiting.
He has his third one on Friday. Please pray for his little body.
Other than that, he is all smiles, according to his daddy.


cindy gatewood said...

Sure miss those 2 boys!
Hopefully the days will fly by..

kelly said...

Hi Kristen! I randomly thought of y'all today and decided to check in on your blog and updates on Price. I am so glad I did. I love that y'all went to China and will keep you all in my prayers-especially Price and Nathan while they are overseas. On another note, Brian and I are going to NY this weekend and will definitely have to go to Brooklyn Tabernacle. Looks amazing. Much love to all of you, Kelly Kachler Adams

Tiffany said...

Price and his baby blues get me every time. Enjoyed our conversation today about simplicity and loving people! Thankful for you and your family. Praying big things for God's glory this very day.

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