Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 24

Woke up this morning and realized we needed some laundry action, so that meant only one thing...hotel, motel, Holiday Inn! (If you didn't get that, do yourself a favor and google Rapper's Delight. You're welcome.)

You know you've been somewhere a long time when you take a vacation from your "vacation". Since we're going to the Holiday Inn we of course make a day of it and hit up the very Western breakfast buffet, complete with pancakes and scrambled eggs. It's especially welcoming because all the staff knows us by now and they LOVE Price. He smiles = they all giggle. I'm waiting for a free meal out of the deal, but I guess it doesn't work that way over here. Once we're done with breakfast, we still have about 2 days to kill before we have to be back at the hospital, so what do you do In Qingdao when you've got all day to kill??? That's right, you walk to Walmart.

On the way we stop at the world's biggest empty shopping mall, a.k.a. the Powerlong Qingdao Super Mall. You can't fully understand it unless you see it with your own eyes, but pretend they built the Galleria and Memorial City and a couple other big malls all on top of one another and put an amusement park with a full-size roller coaster inside it and that will kind of give you an idea. Then also pretend it's 4 stories tall and 90% of the stores are empty. Very weird, very bizarre. But that's how the Chinese roll, built it huge, build it fast, and don't worry about it. Couple that one instance of excess development with the incalculable (here's to you Michael Scott) number of high rise condos that are halfway to completion and on hold, and you have yourself an nice little economic crisis on the horizon. That's China for you.

Price has been doing great. I mean, he was made for this kind of a trip. Price, I need you to go to this new place and sleep in this new bed and meet all these new people and eat this new food and do the same thing over and over again every day, and please don't complain. No problem. The guy is an adapting machine. He'll do whatever we ask him to, whenever we ask him to, just so long as we provide plenty of food and Blues Clues. And through it all he's had the best attitude anyone could expect from a 3 year-old little boy. He just loves life and brings joy to those around him. You're the man, Bro Bro.

Movie update, Holiday Inn version.

We've now spent a decent amount of time at the Holiday Inn and thoroughly enjoyed the free HBO. Here's some thoughts. Remember, don't judge a man until you've walked a mile in their shoes....

Megamind - Awesome.
Despicable Me - Also awesome.
Van Helsing - I'm sorry to say, it was not my first time to watch it in its entirety.
Honey - Watchable, barely.
Glitter - Tried but couldn't make it to the end. Mariah can sing, so that's good.

In the midst of all this mindless movie-watching, I am reading a really deep book on apologetics by William Lane Craig. The fact that I can watch about 3 movies with same brain power it takes to read 1 chapter of his book should tell me something. I wish movie comprehension had been a section on the SAT. Once I finish it, I'm going to read the book on Seal Team Six my friend from the U.K. left me before he went home yesterday. I told him he had to read Unbroken and Lone Survivor.

Snow Bai, our waitress at the Holiday Inn. She loves P and he likes her too.
Our trip to Walmart. P fell asleep on the way home.
Proud of himself for putting the lid on water bottle
Watching Blue's
Splashing in the itty bitty tub
Powerlong Mall...I think they should put one of these in front of Memorial City
Roller coaster and amusement park
The moats and boats. Smells like a Chinese sewer. Ugh.

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cindy gatewood said...

You are in the home stretch!
We are all counting down..
I'll bet you will want some
good old Tex Mex food first
meal home! ha
Hang in there, N&P!! We are so
very proud of you two boys!!!

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